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headache - throat

    I get horrible pain in the epigastric area of my abdomen,
  a squeezing sensation. It squeezes so hard sometimes that I
  start to hyperventilate because it takes my breath away.  I've
  been having it severely for two days and it's accompanied with
  a very bad headache and throat pain that feels very uncomfortable,
  a pressure sensation, like a headache in my throat.  I've had
  a normal upper GI.
    Have you ever heard of this?  Is it some type of migraine or
  what type of physician should I see?  
    Thank you,
Hard to tell from the data presented just exactly what's going on. I take it you have already seen your primary doctor, especially if someone ordered an upper GI series to look into it.
In order to know if this is migraine, a doctor would need to know when it all started, how often it happens (and what associated conditions such as meals, menstrual periods, etc), how llong each episode lasts, and associated symptoms. Of course, there is more information that could be necessary too.
Has your doctor thoroughly checked out gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), peptic ulcer disease (PUD), hiatal hernia, etc?  These are diagnoses beyond my expertise as a neurologist, but a family doctor or internist can either figure them out or get you started and consult a gastroenterologist.
Migraine is not out of the question. But as above, start with your primary doctor, who can try to narrow down the source of the symptoms by asking the right questions and taking it from there.
I hope by now your symptoms have resolved, or that you sought medical attention. Perhaps this information can help you take the next step. As you know, this forum does not substitute for a physician. Any specific comments regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options must come from your doctor after appropriate evaluation. CCF MD mdf.

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