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headache for several days, hurts when head is shaken

this is the second occurrence, the first time it happened was 8 months ago.  It went away after 1-2 weeks.
This time it's in the 6th day, was most severe on the 3rd or 4th day.
symptom includes:
headache ONLY when head is shaken front and back(like nodding in quick motion), but not when head is moved laterally left or right.  It also does not hurt when i turn head left or right, like rotating.
Pain feels like it originates from the top of scalp to the left side.
Scalp itself is not tender to touch or palpation.  No swelling is present.
Pain scale can be 5-6/10 when shaken.  At rest motion it's like a dull ache at that one spot, maybe 2/10.

I went to the MD when it happened first 8 months ago.  The doctor thought it was a sinus issue.  He prescribed ibuprofen 800mg which I never even filled out.  I took OTC ibuprofen up to 600mg at once, and it does not alleviate the pain.  He ordered some sinus series radiographs but found nothing.  This resolved by itself in a week or two.

This time around, I went to the MD again 2 days ago, a different doctor examined me.  No neurological dysfunction that he can conclude.  He had suggested it's a connective tissue problem that is not inside the skull.  He suggested ice pack on to my head and take OTC ibuprofen.  I took another 600mg ibuprofen, did nothing.  Ice pack on my head just made me cold.
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i should also mention that i'm a fairly healthy 34 yr old male.
i'm borderline overweight, BMI of 24.9.
I exercise moderately about 2-3 times a week at the gym.  Strenuous exercise is only weight lifting which is only a minor part of my exercise routine.  I spend more time on the treadmill than lifting weights.

my other health history include a diagnosed enlarged turbinate on R side and deviated septum which obstructs with breathing  on my R nostril when I'm sleeping or lying down, or when weather/temperature gets cold.

I do not believe the obstructed nostril due to enlarged turbinate is related to the headache I'm experiencing.  
The symptom of the headache is not exacerbated when lying down, or bending over, or different time during the day.
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This may be of no concern/interest to you, but figured I'd share it either way. While the brain doesn't convey any pain, the meninges that surround the brain do. Cranial nerve 5 (trigeminal) is responsible for conveying pain from the anterior (front) and middle cranial fossae, and cranial nerve 10 (vagus) is responsible for the posterior fossa (back).

Hope it gave you a better understanding if nothing else,

Chris (medical student)
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