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hearing repeat sounds/songs in my head

I keep hearing repeat songs in my head...I do not hear voices only songs.  I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression am on Lorazepam and several homeopathic remedies.  I was put on several anti depressants for a period of one year with severe side effects.  I am now hyper sensitive to medications.
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I have heard of auditory hallucinations - it could be that.  I also recall reading about something that had to do with auditory memory, that it can be normal to hear songs repeatedy - as it's your brain just remembering a song over and over.  I would get checked out by my doc, then letting a psychiatrist know of your symptoms.
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Auditory hallucinations
Anxiety and depression
Hypersensitive to medications

These are symptoms that some Lyme Disease patients have.
Lyme causes neurological and psychological problems.

Examples from the medical literature:

Symptoms: Hallucinations
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When I read your post I thought of the phenomenon of "getting songs/melodies stuck in your head," and not of auditory hallucinations.  It's common and periodically happens to me - has all my life.  It also often the stupidist songs.   Sometimes it's a good song, but it's still annoying.  (My most common is the chorus from "American Pie")  I have actually had an auditory hallucination once when in an altered mental state from doing biofeedback using brainwave training and it was very different from the song thing.  Anyway, in me the songs always disappear eventually and I'm not the worse for it.  They usually disappear when I become engrossed in something else.  I've often heard other people talk about it and it is annoying, but harmless.

If you actually think you are hearing the songs and not just having the melody/song coming to mind, then you should have it checked out.  Quix
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I just googled "songs in your head" .  The first couple articles were on the very thing that I was trying to describe.  One article from a university reseacher said that 90% of people report this occurring at least once and for some people it is very common.  The articles were entertaining and might fit what you are reporting.
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Thank you for the information.  I unfortunately have this constantly...only when I am watching tv or involved in something that occupys my mind does it seem to go away.  This is very disheartening and wearing...if only I could get some relief with something natural.
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But, did you mean an auditory hallucination, or the songs "running through your mind" without actually hearing them.

Did you get a chance to read the article about lyme and the brain.
Lyme Disease: A Neuropsychiatric Illness

There are a number of "natural" things you can do to help your condition.
One is to supplement magnesium, which will help the enzyme processes within the cells.
Another is Omega 3's.  A pharmaceutical quality fish oil will improve the quality of cell membranes.  The red blood cells need to be flexible enough to squeeze through the capillaries, so that the cells get enough oxygen to make energy.
Brain cells use alot of energy.

Both magnesium and fish oil reduce inflammation, which is common in chronic health problems.
When the capillaries are inflamed, they swell slightly, and there is less room for the red cells to travel through.

Google magnesium and depression for many articles.
Google "fish oil" and depression.  

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