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heart or brain

I have had three blackouts, about four seconds each (without warning) in the last 5 months.  Two MRI's have been done, a heart catherization and 2 EEGs like 20 minutes each and one 24 hour videotelemetria.  I am very worried because I could be anywhere at anytime and have an episode like this.  I take 200mg daily of dilantin plus 1,500mg daily of gabapentin.  What might be the cause of these?
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what were the findings on your mris?  did the eegs show anything?  have you been seen by a neurologist yet?  are you taking the dilantin and gaba because of these black outs or were you put on them for something else?  sorry so many questions....
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First MRI, the doctor here in thought I had a blocked artery at the base of the brain.  The doctors in the states did not agree, felt the images indicated something from birth.  EEG in USA indicated there was slightly abnormal activity but not enough to change the Dilantin had been on since 2002.  She added 1,200 mg of Gabapentin at my suggestion. I returned to the country in which I reside now, had another blackout and at MY suggestion the neurologist in Bogotá upped the medicine to 1,500.  I had forgotten to take my medicine the night before my last black out but I am not sure that is what caused it, perhaps. I am waiting for the results of the 24 hour videotelemetria....In the meantime, I am  worried I will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have another blackout.  
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"The doctors in the states did not agree, felt the images indicated something from birth"  did they, by chance, indicate that you have a chiari malformation?
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That's...a lot of Gabapentin. Why'd you suggest such a high dose, initially? Do you take this in separate intervals (i.e. 400mg 3x daily), or all at once? Forgetting to take the Gabapentin the night before could definitely cause another black-out. It's a shame they can't catch one of the black-outs occurring so they can localize it.

"Something from birth"...could also be venous malformations. If they're in the wrong place and they bleed even a little, that can wreak havoc on your brain.
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