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help asap dying and sick

I began to suffer extreme seizure like activity. after i overcame other issues. people had also been put in my life to cause stress to try to take me off my foundation and blessed healthy life. fun happy person outgoing smart artistic.. creative survivor. escaped a serious life and came out on toes.. but i had to watch my life there after. however no doctor did or listen to me. i did this alone.
  every time i had a episode it left me confused truamatized like a stroke and fight back to function. over and over. about may i had one and also involved with a person who was maybe not person to be around and take me under if he could. not look out for me.. i got along good with people was the positive one in relationship but had to deal with extreme people. put there to test me.. this time i suffered an attack like a hit to me while in this persons life. and that was may. befre that april i was begging people to help me get a doctor to know my life before i got sick and did not recover. they all closed ear and eye to me. one sister said n one was going to know what they did to me as a kid( abuse( munchausen by proxy) i guess. and other strange stuff. i made it to may 8 hit by a severe blow and knock me into a state of near madness.. and autism, i began o describe what was not my fate. got to dr who i walked out on scared med student with no gift for people. and suffered. about thanks gifing enduring homeless as i got sick i began to fall into cracks with my brain not function and told family who could care less past sorry or same sister said to bad ur life is so **** up. have a nice day. she did not make effort to tell doctor what truth was or what to do. she was actually projecting her life on me. had  perfect life she did not. but she wanted me to be fuckt up. old i was young healthy and smart talented she was boring average and socipath. right now last friday i had another hit and sent into death. ,y eyes turned orange dead from child like and like a old old person, with no life and face like a heroin addict. no personalith no recall of who  i was and walking dead.. i got to doctor few days ago. dot same place at a hostpital clinic. i said i had a neuron emergency , they were like after hearing what i said that i was so brain damaged my eyes look dialed and old not alive and all the symptoms i look up here also all about what i said they keep wanting me to go to shrink and what talk about dying in front of them,, ?????? well its to late to make  a dif if i had a breath of life pulse in me at that moment its gone and im fuct  I look and took photosof what i looked lie before happy and animated and now like some old sick person Terrri shivo.. looking. and they don't even care. I'm going to die.. i got thin sick and lost all of memory ow what i do and how. walking strange and I'm afraid of doctors this was preventable, i know my self now i can't face people or socialize i was young happy personalty talent entertain. star... and i made sure to not abuse myself take drugs or other and get to a doctor with my history. this is murder..i literlay went from life of a ten year old healthy athletic arist inner to 150 years in two weeks. u can see it in pics i took in mirror.. my health deteriorate i fought for last six months and kept light in my eyes and in shock and not have a doctor. now I'm fact..
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