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herniated discs

Thank you Dr.for answering my questons(from Jan 12,05),but I have few follow up questions.1. Do auto rear end accidents cause at c5/6 level mild posterior cord displacement secondary to disc bulging and spuring as well as generalized bulge osteophyte with small left paracentral disc protrusion and osteophyte at c3/4? 2. In your answer to my number 4 question you wrote "This means that the disc which usually bulges backwad when is displaced is pushing the spinal cord back(but doe not sound like it is compressing it)." Do you mean by the above that spinal cord at c5/6 instead of being pushed and compressed (in the wrong direction) it is being pushed naturally backward to its normal position? 3. Usually what symptoms does mild posterior displacement of cord at c5/6 level and small left paracentral disc protrusion and osteophyte at c3/4 causes(and would twitching be one of symptoms)? 4.I am not doctor but by reading the first MRI report,which is 6 months old,it sounds like there is bulging and no herniation of disc at c5/6 level,however reading the second MRI report of c5/6 disc sounds like there is (protrusion) herniated disc.Do you agree?5. In your opinion what exercises will make the above cervical spine conditions better and worse?6. If above male person has normal arthritis panel,that is negative ANA,negative rheumatoid factor and negative sedrate(<5),is it than more likely than not that this person has arthritis in his cervical spine(even though cervical x-ray and MRI show osteophyte and degeneration)?If no is than osteophyte caused by auto accident trauma or natural wear and tear degenerative arthritis(if this person never had pain in his cervical spine area nor any other injury or problems before auto accident)?Thank you
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1) It may but so also could chronic degenerative disc and joint disease (and also much more commonly)

2) it may not be pushed naturally backward, just displaced from its normal position. Remember the spinal cord is surrounded by a cushion of spinal fluid. Again I cannot tell for sure without seeing your MRI

3) usually no symptoms at all

4) again I cannot tell without seeing the MRIs, there is a certain degree of variation and subjectiveness between MRI reports if reported by different people

5) I am not an expert with cervical spine exercises, I reccomend you see a physical therapist specialising in the neck for this (they are great!)

6) an 'athritis panel' will be negative in regular degenerative osteoarthritis (on its own). Osteophytes are usually caused by wear and tear. I cannot comment on whether an auto accident or arthritis has caused your symptoms

Good luck
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