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hypoglycemic Coma

Patient age  : 61
Sex : female
Background :  

1. Detected as hypoglycemic Coma after being at a sugar lever for  10 for a minimum period of 5 hours.
2. Currently in COMA for the last 5 days.
3. Currently sugar level , blood pressure and CT scan results are normal
4. She has a history of nerve problem similar to parkinsons.

Help Required :
1. What kind of treatment is required for this type of illness (hypoglycemic Coma) ?
2. What type of medicines should be given ?
3. What should be taken care off for such type of patients ?
2 Responses
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I am sorry to hear about the hypoglycemic Coma.  I am a layperson, however I was diagnosed at 12 yrs old after spending 5 days in a hospital with severe hypoglcemia. attacks.  Everyone has it once in awhile it is normal, but not like this & not what the lady has suffered from. I had it daily.  The consequences were sometimes devastating.  I would start to shake, convulse, lose complete vision and ultimatley pass out, often injuring myself...35 years later I still suffer from these attacks. But rather then having 5-8 episodes a day, I  have 2-3 month.  Stiches are literally holding my body together.  I pased out on concrete,aspahlt, school and mall floors...not soft surfaces for a person that has lost all consciousness.  Once it hits there is nothing you can do.  It is all about prevention.  I recently had one at a restaurant w/ my family.  Good thing I was sittting.  My spouse knew exactly what was going on, I could not see. I immediately consumed 3 packages of sugar to raise my blood sugar/ glycogen levels.  Diet is everything.  One that I do not always follow. High protein, no sugar this includes some fruits such as grapes which are high in sugar.  The most significant... eat throughout the day, small meals of protein, jello or fruit not high in sugar. That is the secret.  No pies, cakes, cookies or any other hidden sugars.  Once in awhile is ok, but the biggest preventer is the diet, limiting sugars & increasing protein.  I hope this wonderful lady will recover quickly.  I would suggest keeping candy close by, drinking juice and/or milk when she knows these episodes are coming.  After living w/ it for so many years...one knows when it is paying you a visit.  I get to the floor, sit in a chair, or pull off the road.  It is only a matter of seconds before I am temporary blinded, dizzy and rendered useless until it passes. I hope this helps?  If she is not seeing an MD for this chronic conditon, I strongly encourage her to find one. I pray for her speedy recovery and future good health. These comas can be prevented. Thank you.
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Grace... thnx for your update but the current crisis is that she is in a state of COMA and needs to regain conscoiusness.

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