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hypothalamus not working

I have not run across anyone on this whole site that has anything remotely similar to my condition.
I was told by a neurologist that I have a hpothalamus that is not working properly...i am extremely cold
all of the time, bitter cold....I am having problems with high blood pressure also because of this and I am
currently on medication...which ***** because it makes my heart skip beats and makes me sweat profusely.
the doctor said that there is nothing he can do for me and to learn to live with it!  I am going to Pittsburgh for a
second opinion....this is horrible to live with,  I can't tolerate air conditioning or drink anything cold...I can't stand to
even stand on a cold surface or touch anything cold because it makes my whole body freezing and it is actually painful...on days when it is rainy and colder out I am miserable...for someone who lives in PA ....I am dreading the winter!  i need somone to offer me hope or someone out there to write back who has any experience with this...should I be seeing a neurologist or perhaps and endrocrinologist??  I am depressed and desperate for help...my life is not worth much these days and when I look to the future it is not very happy.
Thanks, amy
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Hi there.

I'm sorry to learn that you are experiencing all of these.  Hypothalamic dysfunctions are really quite rare and they really pose a challenge to doctors and other medical personnel alike.  I agree that you may need to see an endocrinologist since the hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland, which in turn is responsible for a lot of metabolic processes in the body.  Correcting each and every metabolic dysfunction is a key in achieving wellness in this disorder (especially the hormones concerning the thyroid and steroid production).  

I hope you can make that consult soon.  Regards and God bless.
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I can relate!!! I have many many more symptoms. I use to faint alot when I was younger and have had a "clouded consciousness" for 15 years.
I am recently being treated for Hypothyroidism (the cold) but I think it has been caused by Hypothalamic Dysfunction:

I have been seeing neurologists for years with no luck and an iridologist recently picked up it was my hypothalamus! I go to see a endrocrinologist in Sydney Australia in July.

Let me know how you get on!!
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i suffered leptospirosis and was treated way too late in the proces..i had a lot of problems with my heart and head and i still do, four months later...i can't register heat very well and it feels like 20 celsius when it actually is 30 ...i also feel dfizzy a lot...and have an irregular heartbeat, sometimes it races ...it's horrible but nobody shows any understanding so i know wherere you are coming from.i don't know yet if it's my hypothalamus but it might be...I know it regulates the heat and cold registration and so many other things processes in the body, neuro-system. I guess you might know this but there are a lot of alternative remedies to take..They are selling on the internet...especiaaly for a good or better working hypothalamus..it is said that you have to take it for months in a row and than might restore balance...if you didn't try this yet , you might give it a shot!
good luck and don't depair...people are often insensitive..if they can't see what your illnes is they won't respond in a very subtle or helpful manner...good luck !!!take care!
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Hi i am a freshmen at Rancho Bernardo high school and iv been actually researching about the parts of the brain and thalamus and hypothalamus are one of the things i came across. The hypothalamus' job is to control the body temperature which will make you sweat or in this case shiver, also its the part of the brain which makes you hungry, thirsty, and regulates or produces hormones. If you are experiencing these problems then you surely need a surgery which will be very very very very very very very!!! dangerous but to me its the only way to make you better again. Hope you find another solution and get well.

Regards, Arad
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When you find out, please post!  
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