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im need to know whats wrong with me

I am a 30 year old female who has had back problem for as long as i can remember. The back problems as far as i know weren't seriou jut got back pain alot and especially if i moved around alot during the day. I have 2 children the last i had Oct. of '08 and i had gained over 37 kgs over the coure of my 2 pregnancies which i took into consideration when i started having back pain and numbness in my legs at one point i had numbness in my arms also but went away also i get quite alot of headaches/migraines and at one point i started getting a vibrating feeling when i lowered my chin which went away and has now come back i recently started getting vertigo which i have had on and off for the past few years but it was never very serious and would last no more than a couple of day but this time it has become more and more severe over the last 5 days and i saw an ENT dr who gave me duxil and stugeron tablets and i have seen ome improvement since yesterday when i started on them . I am very worried and scared this wont go away , i cant live life normally if anyone has any information plz help.thankyou
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