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insomnia due to CNS damage-need help

6 yrs ago I came down with meningitis, with complications like coma, septic shock, kidney failure,
etc. I have recovered for the most part, however have some permanent kidney damage, some
hearing loss, some nerve and cirulatory damage in digits and limbs, but one thing that has
worsened with time is my inability to sleep to the point where I can go without for many days,
unless I use very specific medication. Only 1 type of medication works, and I develop a tolerance
to it after regular useage. I have gone through psychiatric testing, sleep studies, and the
determination is that I do not have underlying psychiatric problems, nor do I have any of the
conditions that are typically causing such insomnia like apnea etc. Medications for psychiatric or
psychological problems are completely ineffective, including Ativan, Seroquel, Trazadone, cymbalta,
and many others. After hospitalization for a miscarriage and surgery to stop the bleeding, it was
determined that even narcotics such as morphine, phentenol, codeine, etc, were also totally
ineffective. Even after 5 days in such a controlled environment, I was totally unable to sleep
until my 1 medication was given. In Canada I use zopiclone, similar to Lunesta in the US but
the canadian stuff is short acting, staying in the system for 5 hours. For me I am lucky to get
4 hours a night on zopiclone, and those numbers decline when my tolerance increases. At times
I compensate by increasing dosage, however that is very short term. Lunesta may work for
longer, but I find I need a higher dosage than is recommended and I also develop tolerance to it.
No one in Canada has been able to offer me any treatment suggestions, I am not a typical case
so they dont seem to know what to do, or if anything can be done. I would love to be a guinea pig
if an opportunity arises, but none has as of yet. I am hoping for some suggestions. The side effects
of the insomnia are what concerns me- it has altered my life to the point I have little control. I can not
work anymore, I am tired all the time, easily irratated and impatient, cannot stay focused or alert for
any length of time, have trouble with memory retention etc. After being very successful in my career
and life before the insomnia, this is very frustrating to say the least.
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