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intermittent starvation of blood to endocrine centre

Is there anyone who knows anything about how whiplash damage to blood vessels in neck can cause a seemingly endless list of symotoms! high blood pressure, low blood pressure, labile bood pressure, diabetes2, hypothyroid, loss of body hair, intermittent blurred vision, left eye closing, eyes crying, nails and beard stop growing, high and low testosterone, hyperfunctional platelets, intermittent memoory loss, right leg collapsing, right foot swelling, intermittent dyslexia.   could go on and on!
Autognomic response within endocrine control centre seems main problem, hypothalamus. pituitary, brain stem etc prioritising limited blood flow with intention of staying alive is my supposition. Blood increases fibrinogen  to thicken blood, increases cortisol to heal, makes plateletes hyperfunctional to seal any wound on drop of temp.  this is all beyond medical science - so my doctors tell me! Vagus nerve and bizarre sexual dysfunction also a possibility. Biochemists seem to understand things very differrently!
Hope this helps others as well as myself..regards ..john

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Hi and thanks for above.
MRI scans show no damage to structure of brain. Neurologist has suggested shearing of neurons.
All of my symptoms seem to become worse or bettere over the same period of time.
I compare the brain to a car engine and the arteries as petrol pipe, the veins as exhaust pipe. As I try to explain to Drs - an MRI scan of my car engine would show it in perfect working order. If i was to put a restriction in the petrol pipe then the engine would not work properly. If I fit an exhaust pipe whose diameter is too small then back pressure will cause similar problems!  I suggest that thet stick a potato in their car exhaust and then try to start the engine.
To me most likely scenario is that para sympathetic system and endocrien system responding to infufficient and then overcompensatroy excess of production of complex hormones eg those that instruct bone marrow to produce hyperfunctional platelets.
thanks for comment.
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Whiplash injury occurs due to sudden distortion of neck. There is stretching of the spine and ligaments. Symptoms are usually refereed pain, pins and needles and headaches.
Your symptoms cannot be explained just by whip lash injury.
Is it possible that you injured other parts of your body including head during accident?
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You may be very wrong:


I have two pages of cognitive and physical symptoms from my own recent severe whiplash injury that all relate to deoxygenated blood and restricted blood flow/hyper and hypo blood pressure which I've discovered high doses of Betahistine work in my individual case which have a positive cardiovascular effect and do not recommend this course of treatment to anyone else without a cohesive team around the patient approach to medical treatment.

I've spent over two years intensively researching peer reviewed work, journal submissions and although on the surface my symptoms fall under, neurosurgery, neurology, rheumatology, ent and of course cardiology (not to mention physiotherapy, etc...) when my occipital to C1/C2 is in spasm/locked out of position by micromilimeters my symptoms are severely pronounced and measurable but when my atlas axis click back and the muscle spasms reduce my symptoms including hypertension etc reduce.

I am considering prolotherapy.

Perhaps as one colleague told me twenty five years ago, medical science just hasn't caught up with the majority of invisible disabling conditions including whiplash.

Regards Dr Morris  
Following an accident last year and suffering severe jarring of the head and neck (rear-ended by a truck), i too have experienced high bp.Immediately after the crash my bp was 220+/112. For all my life it has been normal, even a little low. I am convinced the issue is related to the accident but cannot prove it. Is there any empirical evidence to establish a link between the injury and the physiological effects i am now enduring?
Hello mitchst.  Has your bp remained high?  Pain will most certainly increase our heart rate as will trauma and stress.  Normally that is temporary.  Please start your own thread and give us all of the details.  Best to you.
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