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is this familiar to anyone else?

no one responded and my post went to the second page.  

I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been seeng doctors for 10 months. 41 years old... female, post c-section 3 yers ago. developed right arm & wrist/ nerve type pain 3 years ago and swollen glands for 3 years now, swelling in hands and feet. DX: CTS in 8/06. Never got better. Saw a hand surgeon. Had a new EMG in 9/08.  EMG showed "juxta neural inflammatory process. CTS mild. Hand surgeon wouldn't operate b/c he wasn't convinved CTS was causing the pain.  MRI of cervical spine 9/08, 4 disc bulges but not touching any nerves. Neurologist said it was probably a virus. Blood work: high titers for EBV, Herpes Simplex 6 and reubella. Gave me antiviral meds and sent me to pain management. Started rehab.... strength training for 5 months 3x per week. Never missed. Was sent to a rheumatoligist, nnothing wrong. MRI of brain, 1 lesion of gliosis, not enough for it to be MS.

while doing strength training, my right lower back and leg started to hurt. nerve pain down the legto the foot. Got worse and worse. MRI showed some arthritis and a small disc bulge at L5-S1 to the right encroaching on the thecal sac. DX: right side radiculopathy. EMG of right leg. NCS was normal, but EMG showed right lumbar radiculopathy. No response at popliteal fossa. Had 2 epidurals and a facet injection. Mild short term relief with epidurals but not with facet injection. Doing home exercises faithfully... stretching, walking. Both aggravate pain in my leg but do it anyway. Pain in leg is now disabling, excruciating. Pain meds not working, Norco.... Pain Mgt dr sent me to a back surgeon (ortho). He reviewed MRI report before he would see me. Just got a call from his office. Said to see a neurologist.

Big circle, back at square one. Pain is getting worse. It's all the way down my leg in my right foot. Right now, pins and needles in my rright heel and pain down the back of my leg. Leg feels weak. Right arm still hurts.... wrist and fingers, elbow, fingers on right hand swell.

Negative for rheumatoid arhtritis, sarcoidosis, lupus, lyme's disease, all autoimmune diseases. Can't be fibromyalgia b/c there are findings on the tests and swelling.  Since Dr. House isn't real : ) I just want some answers.  
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Wow! I am so sorry, you must have such pain every day. I had to comment on what you wrote, I don't know the answer though, but couldn't you get a 2nd opinion from a different dr. other than the Ortho. dr.  you are currently seeing? If you are not comfortable with the decision that he is making on your health, then it is your right as a patient to request a 2nd opinion to another ortho dr. He should not take offense to that at all, patients do it every day. You might have to have your primary care physician do the referral depending on your insurance, I would check that first. You have enough to worry about, you shouldn't have to deal w/ running in circles, he should come to some type of resolution to help you deal with the situation not to mention all the pain you are in. I hope things work out for you. Good Luck! Kelly
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Thanks for replying Kelly !! : )

You gave good advice. I'm going to see a different doctor. The ones I'm seeing don't know what to do. I didn't see this ortho yet. He's a back surgeon and like a "big deal". He views the MRI report before he will see a patient. He viewed my MRI and EMG and his office called me and said he wouldn't see me until I go to a neurologist !!! And I tried to tell the office that I have gone to a neuroligist but the nurse there just kept saying that the dr wanted me to go to a neuro.....

I think I'm going to try a different ortho!  Thank you!!

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