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ischemic white matter disease

My husband is 55 yrs. old feeling light headed for few weeks.MRI of brain without contrast c/w a minimal increased T2 signal around the ventricles that suggest mild mild microvascular ischemic white matter.What does that mean.He is other wise healthy,active man with normal blood pressure.

This discussion is related to MRI of head results - help with understanding.
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Hi there.

Microvascular ischemic white matter disease is a general description pointing out to problems with the blood vessels supplying certain areas of the brain.  Problems with blood supply to certain parts would manifest as these 'white spots' in the brain parenchyma or white matter.

Problems with the blood vessels can arise from underlying disorders such as hypertension, high blood sugar (diabetes), or high blood cholesterol.  patients with autoimmune diseases such as lupus.

It is best to have these conditions ruled out, since controlling these diseases would prevent further vascular problems with the brain.

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Doc, what about microvascular ischemic changes in someone who has been tested and does NOT have diabetes, lupus, or hypertension, who has low cholesterold with risk ratio 2.8.  Normal EKG.   Tilt table test confirmed that  I have vasovagal syncope - said to be a mild case.  BP normal at 120/80 but sometimes it drops to 110/70, 80/50.   I also have grave's disease but thryoid panel is all in correct range.

I had an MRI because of the persistent dizziness.  What would cause this?  MS has been ruled out.  
Thank you for your time.
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I had a sudden onsent of focal complex seizures in 11/09.  I am still not controlled.  My recent MRI w/o contrast showed early microvascular ischemic what matter disease and small areas of benign stable gliosis.
Can you tell me if this would have any impact on this seizure disorder that came out of nowhere?
Thank you
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