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jolting electric knee pains

I am a 27 year old female and I have been having strange but excruciatingly painful electric like jolts in my knee. They come at random several times a day in strange electric pangs that are so painful that i scream sometimes when they happen. However after the episode my knee feels completely normal.  It feels almost like someone is shocking my nerve ending or something. The pain is indescribable. I have no pain anywhere else and I have never felt anything like this up until a couple months ago and just recently I went like 2 weeks with no jolts? They seem to happen most often when i am stitting down. My knee looks completely normal, no swelling or redness and its NOT tender to the touch at all. Do I have MS? I am freaking out.
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Hello Dear,
Was there any knee injury?You can try the following -
Protect the knee from  trauma.Use a  pad over the kneecap  it helps to control the symptoms of some knee injuries (an example is a form of bursitis sometimes called housemaid's knee) by preventing further repetitive injury to the prepatellar bursae.
Rest reduces the repetitive strain placed on the knee by activity. Icing the knee reduces swelling and can be used for both acute and chronic knee injuries compression can be used to keep the patella aligned and to keep joint mechanics intact. the knee with a knee brace or wrap.
Elevation works with gravity to help fluid that would otherwise accumulate in the knee flow back to the central circulation.
Prop your leg up when you are sitting.

Over-the-counter pain control medications: Commonly used pain relievers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as naproxen and ibuprofenalso play a role in the treatment of knee pain.
Also if the pain persists ,you should see an orthopedic physician and go in for a x-ray to rule out any degenerative pathological changes.

Re fer http://www.emedicinehealth.com/knee_pain_overview/page3_em.htm
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Did you ever find out what it was?  Your post could have been written by me.
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Hi Loulou (and others),

I'm a 25 year old female and I'm having exactly the same symptoms, except my pains come to many different body parts from the waist down. I have no idea what it is, but I do know that I also have some SI joint pain, and I've heard that it was due to a rotation in my hips. I don't, however, know how the rotation occurred. I've been experiencing the SI shooting, jolting pain since June, (about six months now,) but I believe the  pain in other areas started before then. I don't think that any of my symptoms are due to any sort of muscle tightness, as I believe it is strictly nerve-related. I don't know if this helped at all, but if you get any more information OR ANYONE ELSE HAS ANY, please, please let me know. As you mentioned in your previous post, this is starting to freak me out as well. Good luck!
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I had my first physical therapy appointment today and was sent home with some easy exercises to do twice a day. I am greatly encouraged. I will do the exercises with both legs.  I have three more appointments.
The main reason for this therapy is because my knee cap got slightly out of its groove. I had one electric shock yesterday morning, then wore a knee brace the rest of the day and stayed off my leg most of the day. No more shocks so far.
My therapist actually has heard of the knee shocks!!!!!! and thinks it's probably all related to the knee cap getting out of place, then swelling.
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I'm copying this from one of the other forums. So much time has passed. I still suffer from the shock pains. Here is my update from the other place:

I had my  neuro appointment today and I had a major attack right there in his office in mid-sentence. I'm glad it happened. Now he knows what we are all talking about. I had a very hard day in general (numerous milder jolts) but it ended well with a two-hour nap on the couch. Now I wish it were morning so I could get going for real again.
After seeing the intensity of my pain (crying level), the neuro worked out a schedule that will increase my Gabapentin over the course of about a week. I will end up taking 3600MG per day.
I hope it doesn't make me loopy again or too clumsy or tremory. Is that a word? I doubt it. :) I am a former proofreader.
Still thinking of all of you too . . .
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Hi. I have exactly the same symptoms as the original post: excruciating sharp pain just outside to the left of my left knee cap that lasts about 10-15 seconds. It happens randomly, without a trigger, and occurs while sitting, lying down, standing walking, sleeping, etc. without warning (just as in the original post). Has anyone had any luck figuring out the cause? I've seen a couple people mention piriformus syndrome and they say they had some luck treating that. My orthopedist diagnosed me with a torn meniscus and an impinging synovium. I had surgery to correct those, but these symptoms persist. Can anyone help?
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hello there..found this post on a google search and like all of you I am 27 and am experiencing the EXACT same thing recently with my right knee. the fact that we are all relatively around the same age have have near identical symptoms cannot be coincidental. Please if anyone finds out what this is, even if its bad, please help. I have a history of neuromuscular conditions in my family as well as suffering with one myself, and would be lying if I said MS wasn't a big fear of mine. Thanks
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Same issue here.
Electrical shock-like feeling in my knee.  Lasts around 15 seconds then completely gone.  While it happens it is excrutiating.  But once over its like nothing happened.
It occurs completely randomly:  while sleeping, sitting, walking.  No rhyme or reason.  Initial exam and x-ray showed nothing.

I believe it is a nerve issue but unsure...
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I'll add that anti-inflammatory meds have not helped.
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I got an MRI. The doctor (orthopedic surgeon) found I had a torn meniscus and what was called an impinging synovial tissue. I underwent surgery. The symptoms still persisted, albeit to a lesser degree (which the doctor said would be normal). After a few months though, I insisted that these persisting symptoms were effecting my daily life. He did a few touch tests on my knees which led him to diagnose me with neuralgia. He referred me to a pain specialist, and I have been on Gabepentin (Neurontin) since July. My symptoms have, for all intents and purposes, disappeared, although I am not 100% sure if it's due to the surgery, the drugs, or both. I hope this helps.
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i have been having the same issue. Did you find any clues what it is and why is it happening? what can be done
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I started having the same electrical shocking pain to the left part of my kneecap a.k.a. patella. what people don't discuss here is that this kind of injury is due to stress both physical and or mental. I  imediately went to the drugstore and bought some fish oil, joint support aka glucosamine and emergency fortified with vitamin D and calcium. I also started eating brown rice three times a day with vegetables aka a partial macrobiotic diet. I also found a YouTube video of stretches for knee injuries that I have done twice a day for five days in a row.


My shocking pain has stopped. no more standing or sitting or walking or laying down and having this uncontrollable shocking pain no more!! at times I can feel a minor shock start near the patella but it is dissipated because  I am strengthening the muscles below and above the knee which help dissipate the pain!!!
again changing your stress levels will help -taking the supplements will help and eating a plant-based diet will definitely help – the culprit always seems to be swelling or inflammation!!! I also believe that my general pH balance is off I am slightly more acidic due to poor eating and lack of stress management. I hope this helps everybody because the pain was so intense!! good luck
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