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kidney stones, herpes and neuralgia?

Ok, here is my question.  I started with a bladder infection, that turned to a kidney infection, where we eventually found a stone to small to go get.  It took me six weeks to pass the stone.  Hurt like hell but wasn't a constant pain.  Since passing this stone, my right flank has never stopped hurting...and i mean constant burning pain, sometimes stabbing pain, comes around my right side, and now is progressing down my right leg.  I ended up with another bladder infection during this time, and got herpes, my first breakout from my ex boyfriend who i got back together with ( nice huh?  that will teach me.) I have no insurance, and have been paying out of pocket to go to a urologist as i thought the problem still was in my kidney.  We can't find anything else wrong there.  I have been in and out of the ER numerous times with this pain also, as i am an LPN nurse, going to school for my RN and also working full time and i am trying to function.  They have had me on pain narcotics for a while now, which i'm not real happy taking but it at least pulled the pain down to the point of functioning.  I've also been on neurotin, flexeril, valuim, and antibiotics, and antivirals, flomax, oxybutain, ect.  I am now being treated like i'm a pain pill addict, which i am not in anyway.  I'm paying 335 dollars out of pocket to go to a pain specialist, who bascially tells me i'm an addict, gives me an antidepressant (Celexa) which i know can help, but takes time to get into your system, I've already done a sprint of prednsone, am walking like she's asked, she uped the neurotin to 600 mg three times a day, i'm rubbing ben gay sort of stuff on my back and now leg non stop...and i am in so much pain i don't even know what else to do.  What should i do?  I don't like being treated this way by the doctors, i can't afford PT and the spine clinic and the pain doctor.  They can't see anything major on the CT's from the kidney stones...but i have been in constant pain for bout 3 months total now and i'm about to come out of my skin.  I've had a bleeding ulcer in the last 6 months and gastric bypass in the last year and half, and so they have to be careful what they give me.  Does anyone think this was caused by the kidney stone or herpes?  i've also had a history of shingles but don't have any rash but this is in the same leg.  Any ideas on what to do?  I'm open to anything...but feel like nothing it working and am at my wits end in the way i'm being treated as i have to function in my everyday life to and right now i'm completely knocked out of the game.

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