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lack of information from neurologist , seeking second opinion

when i was 17 i had an episode that caused the loss of use in my legs upon awakening from sleep , the episode lasted but for a brief 10 mins , fast forward to the age of 28 and my body started going thru involuntary muscle movements and body jerks ... this went on for a few more years . fast forward to 29 i started having leg and arm  numbness, pins and needles in upper and lower extremities with memory fog and noticing that my body was becoming weaker , i found it odd that i could not hold my arms out in front of me with out feeling like they were going to just give out on me . i had an episode of waking to loss of function to my right arm for about the same amount of time that i had with my legs ... before i became pregnant with my fourth son in summer of 2020 i ended up at physicians with leg pain numbness and weakness to when i was referred to a neurologist ... during my pregnancy things eased up but after pregnancy about a month after things got bad again , leg numbness , leg pain , muscle spasms that started in left leg moved down to foot and then took over my right leg as well and has seemed to have trailed up my body including my chest wall as well as arms and hands  , i do have episodes of having pain when breathing that can either last all day or for a few hours , muscle twitches and spasms in eye lid on left side then took over on right side and now effects my mouth area , arms as well with weakness of upper and lower body . i had my first fall after thanksgiving resulting in hurting my foot and upper thigh . my nerve conduction test showed damage to axons and peripheral but am not diabetic i have had a spinal tap as well that helped relive my migraines for a short time . i am now having neck pain and soreness to my spine . my neurologist stated that he didnt think it was als on witch my sister has . i dont know what to do anymore i am so exhausted physically just from doing daily house chores and cant even carry my 8 month old for more then 10 mins with out feeling as if my arms will give out , i just need help or any helpfull information that will help lead me in the right direction to what is going on .
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