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lightheadness and head pain

I am a 30 yr old white female, I smoke, I am slightly over weight. I have been having lightheadedness (false movement) episodes for 7 years now. I have had almost every cardio test possible with  out surgery. holter monitor, 30 day event monitor, us, stress test, us. Lots of blood work and many EKG's. Went to an ENT and they rulled out anything to do with them. I did have a blocked sinus but they said that is not the cause. I had a MRI on my head in 08 that was fine. I had another one a couple months ago that was done with contrast, that came back fine but showed that I could have a small amount of old blood in there or it was artifect from MRI. But nuro said that is not causing the lightheadness. Let me explain my symptoms... Room does not spin, I fell like I am tilting sometimes. Like my head is heavy. When I am standin it feel  legsdon't want to hold me up. If walking sometimes it feels like I am going to fall down and/or pass out. If I am looking at computer alot..I feel like I am about to pass out real quick so I stop and look a way and hold my head usually and then the passing out feeling will leave but the lightheadness never really ever goes away. Another thing that I have noticed is that I have a constant dull pain in my head. Sometimes pain gets worse. sometimes feels like my eyes will pop out if my head. If anyone has any insite PLEASE PLEASE let me know. 7 yrs is long enough to be dealing with this
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I have all the symptoms you mentioned including looking at the computer and near fainting.  I cannot go to malls, shops etc., and feel like fainting immediately.  But mine happened after a head injury (brain contusion).

I have seen many many specialists (Neurologist, Cardiologist, ENT specialists), multiple therapies, several meds etc.,  Doctors pretty much gave up on me.

I have been suffering for the past year and a half and I am already wits end.  You have been suffering for 7 years which is terrible.  

Only Xanax helps me but that too for short while (1 week) and then my symptoms comes back with full force.  My body get used to that med very fast.  Yes, symptoms are close to anxiety but there should be an underlying cause of it.

If I come across anything I sure let you know.
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To add to my post I have also been put on nerve meds (Celexa) cause they thought this may be anxiety related. As well as occasionally My vision will be desterbed some. And my eyes have become so light sensitive in the last couple years.
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Ok And I will let you know as well, Yes I forgot to mention that about stores. Walmart is real bad Don't know if its the lighting or what it is or if you fear that the lightheadness will vere its ugly head, and anxiety takes the best of you. Driving has become a chore also. But my eyes have been checked out several times. Yes 7 years is WAY to long for me. I have prayed I done done all kinds of things. A guy wrote me from another forum and sugested that I go see some one for allergies. And after searching that, it does carry some of these symptoms, So that will be my next step.
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Great.  I too checked with Optometrists, Opthamologists many times.  I tried Vision therapy, HBOT etc., too.  For me no luck but you can try Vision Therapy but mostly likely Insurance doesn't cover it unless you have a good one.  I saw a very slight improvement with Neurofeedback and that also only for the first 10 sessions.  Again Insurance can be an issue for this one too.  

Driving also a big deal for me.  I cannot take highways because of the  over stimulation and I go around only 4 or 5 miles from where I live.  I work from home since I cannot go to office.  Since I live in a big city luckily I have most of them in that radius.  Besides dizziness I have also extreme fatigue 24/7.

I can completely understand your symptoms since I am living through it every single minute.  This is not the way to live.

Let me know how the allergy treatment works out for you.

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I went to the allergist and  I didn't test positive for major allergies. So no shots for me. He did put me on singular and a nasal spray for allergic rhintitis. And says that can cause mild lightheadness, but not what  I am describing. SO I will see cardio next week and see what he says. Now ther allergist said that you can have a migraine without the pain. So he told me to look in to that. So I will after seeing the cardio. Would be nice if just a migraine preventative could fix this huh?
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Hi there.  You are dealing with a very tough situation. As I could see from all the investigations that you have gone through, inner ear pathologies are ruled out; brain MRI showed nothing significant, cardiac investigations showed no rhythm disturbance, no cardiac muscle pathology. Almost all possible organs systems have been studied in detail and no organic pathology of significance found. This appears to be stemming from either a chronic headache like migraine where you can have light headedness as an aura or this is a panic disorder. Talk to your neurologist as to what does he think?
Mental illnesses can be very overpowering making one believe real weird things and dissociated from the reality. Take care.
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Thanks for the update.  Good that you are pursuing to find a relief.  Anyways that is the only way.  The dizziness I have to is tough to explain and doctors immediately thinks about vertigo or anxiety.  

Migraine can also bring lots of issues.  I tried Migraine medicines and didn't work for me.  Hope it works for you.

Celexa you tried is a SSRI.  You can try Klonopin (a Benzo) but be cautioned it can be very addictive.  Benzos can be life saving/quality improving in many situations and at the same time can be very bad if try to withdraw.  You can ask any doctor about it.  Nowadays I see only my PCP and she gives whatever I ask for.  She completely aware of all the doctors I have seen since she has all the reports.

Also you can try Neurofeedback/Bio feedback which may help.    Keep me posted.

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