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loss of conscious

i was coughing hard the other day, why'll i was playing a board game. all of a sudden i passed out. my friends said my eye look blank and that the white's of my eyes had a slight gray look to them. i was out for about 10 sec., and when i came to i had a loss of time, it felt like i was out longer, then i was. i was a little confused when i woke up and i got really sleepy. i tried talking but i had a hard time keeping my thought starght. i'm worried that i my have had a seizure.
the only reason i think it was a seizure is the confusion..
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Thanks for writing in.
It is difficult to tell if it was a seizure or a vasovagal syncopal attack. Vasovagal attack can be triggered by cough and is known as cough syncope.

Hope this helps!

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When you cough real hard, the intrathoracic pressure may increase enough to compress the great vessels which results in less blood being returned to the heart. Nothing in, nothing out. The amount of blood pumped out of the heart (which sends oxygen rich blood to the head) can briefly drop. A brief loss of consciousness may occur. It quickly returns as your chest relaxes, intrathoracic drops and blood can again circulate to major organs. Your brain is once again happy and you start feeling better. The temporary lack of oxygen to your brain can cause some seizure activity. That may explain your symptoms after the event.    
There are other possible explanations, so you should.share this info with your primary care doctor. My explantion is not a diagnosis.
Best of luck to you.
Good luck.
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You say that you felt like you were "out longer" than you really were.

Were you aware of being "out"?


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