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low immunoglobulins

  I have a tentative dx of chronic fatigue based on physical symptoms
  and bloodtest results. I am wondering if you could explain to me
   the significance of the results and if this will improve in time.
  The results of immunoglobulins are all low, specifically, IgG and IgA
  being half the low normal and the IgM just under the low normal. Also
  in the protein electrophoresis report I have decreased gamma as a comment
  with gamma globulin being half the low normal value. The A1 and B globulins
  are high. Does this mean anything?My doctor cannot tell me and I'm waiting
   to see a specialist in infectious diseases this fall. He did say that my
  postive result to CMV latex screen which further testing said CMV1gm
  (Elisa) negative meant that I had the virus but over 6 months ago.Since
  I first got sick last Oct could this have been the virus that  lead to cfs??
  Sorry this is so long but i don't know any doctors who treat cfs.
Thanks for the question but this is out of our area of specialty. You need to repost this question on thye general forum. At our institution these conditions are cared for by the rheumatologists. Sorry we can not be of more help.

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