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lower leg aching, weakness, 'asleep'

My right lower leg symptoms had been periodic but now more severe and constant.  From the knee down, it feels as though my leg is going to sleep. It aches and feels weak.  Now also noticing numbness and tingling in my right foot.  I have not had any recent injuries or changes in activity.  This was bothersome more at night when I was trying to go to sleep.  It would start as an aching and restless feeling in the calf.  Now the symptoms are much more significant and all day long.  I also have had knee pain when I go down the steps in the morning and have noticed a crackling sound resembling cellophane being crumpled but it eases after I move around and is not particularly noticeable other than first thing in the morning.  
The only recent illnesses/surgeries were right shoulder acromioplasty and partial claviculectomy about 5 months ago.  Surgery and recovery were without any complications.  Also just recovered from a "spider bite" which abcessed, was cultured and found to be MRSA.  Again, it healed without complications and I cannot correlate that with the leg problems.  
I am 50 years old and menopausal and have recently tried HRT but can not connect the timing of that with any of these symptoms as they began well before I tried the HRT.  
For the past 5 years I have worked in an office setting where I am sitting most of the day...no changes there either.  Any input on whether this is orthopedic or neurological and what the cause may be would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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I feel for you. I am 52 and experience a pins and needles feeling in my feet and my legs feel tired and weak. I also have a lump in the throat feeling. Had a bunch of bloodwork done today and hopefully we will be able to figure out what is wrong with me. Maybe it has to do with hormones. Hope you feel better.
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Have you had an MRI done on your neck and back?  I have those same symptoms and MRI's show bulging disks and pinched nerves.  I have been doing therapy and have refused some of the medications offered.  I do take Requip for Restless Leg Syndrome, which has helped me sleep at night.

Have you seen a neurologist and been give a EMG test?

Hope you are better.  I still have sensations, but doing better.
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I'd be curious to see this answer as it sounds like me too.  MRSA (single boil on my gluteal) 2 weeks ago, but I have had leg 'weakness' for over a year.  Sometimes it won't support my entire weight.  I feel like the 2 are unrelated- that the leg problem is due to positions I put my legs in to sit and sleep (that was the original Dx) but now I wonder if the MRSA has been there for quite some time and this is a Sx of that.  This was my 1st outbreak, though thinking back I had a pretty nasty staph boil in my armpit in 1980, but people weren't talking about MRSA then.

44YO male with 2 small kids who was PRETTY athletic til 2-3 years ago and now I feel like a sinking ship.  Went from young to old pretty quickly, it makes me sad.

MRSA cleared up with Bactrim for the most part, still a tiny spot where it was drained.
Help!  My doc is a tiny bit alarmist so I'm almost afraid to go back there but I will eventually for the MRSA follow up.  

anyone have ideas?
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