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My son is 16. He has seizures. I thought I spelt Marijuana in his room the other day. Can you tell me what effects this would have on someone that already has seizures?
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Thanks for writing in.
Marijuana actually slows down the electrical activity in the brain and has proven to be of benefit in patients with seizures and epilepsy. However the effect will depend upon the amount and duration of marijuana abuse.
Hope this helps!
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okay,first off..smoking too much weed will make you have a seizure,it prob- isnt good for ur son because he already has them right? okay,give him a drug test and get info and explain some things to your child.
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my daughter also 16 has had 2 seizures, there was marijuana in her system from the blood tests, smoking pot it doesnt matter how much will trigger the brain.
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Marijuana is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of epilepsy and to help with symptoms of seizures and vertigo. It can not cause you to have a seizure by  'smoking too much of it' This is fear mongering and very ill informed. It can most likely help quite a bit. A good choice though for lungs to not get affected by cheap 'wraps' and 'papers' it would be to invest in a vaporizer.
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i've been using cannabis since i'm 15 or 16, and i stopped at 25. few weeks later i developped insomnia, anxiety brainfog confusion and fasciculations to a level that made my life hell on earth. I went to doctor, were told it was withdrawal, prescibed benzodiazépines (xanax) sleeping pills and antidepressants that made me even worse.
18 months later in total despair, unable to work or even enjoy a single day another doctor finally decided to send me for a EEG that revealed a rare form of epilepsy which is continuous (no seizures) originating from the right parieto-temporal lobe.
In my opinion and also the neurologist cannabis prevented the disorder to reveal itself  and quitting allowed the condition to come full force.
As he is a doctor, he cant tell  me using cannabis to prevent epilepsy is a solution but i was prescribed lamictal instead.
I think it dépends but in many cases cannabis prevents epilepsy.
Hope this help.
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Hi my son had to fits in one day.do you think smoking weed could of done this
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