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memory loss from encephalitis

My 29 year old daughter has been suffering from seizures since August.  She was in the hospital for almost a month and was it was determined she had viral encephalitis.  The seizures have continued  and seem to return every 30 to 40 days, even while on a high dose of Topamax.  She was married in July and has no memory of the wedding and some memory loss goes back 2 years. She remembers people, just not events.  How long should we expect the effects of the original encephalitis to last?   Is her memory likely to come back?  She has totally lost her independence, she cannot drive due to state laws and has to have someone with her 24/7.  This is very hard on her and the not knowing is driving us all crazy.  
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I am really sorry to learn about your daughter's condition and I hope she would get better soon.

The memory loss could possibly be a direct result of encephalitis affecting the temporal lobes of the brain, thus leading to partial memory loss. Prognosis would depend on how severe the injury to her brain is and may be difficult to determine at this point in time. In some cases, memory could return within a year or two but nothing is certain at this point.

You could read more about these in this site, which is also helpful in providing coping strategies for dealing with the memory deficits.


Hope this helps.
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I can totally relate to what you are saying! It is like living a nightmare for everyone.
My daughter (just turned 18)  has just come out of hospital a week ago suffering from the same illness. Everyday I wake up hoping that she has made a remarkable recovery not for me but for herself! It must be so confusing and scary for people experiencing this dreadful infection. I fear each day of her having another seizure as it is one of the most frightning things a parent can see.
Our family is trying to stay strong and supportive but I am sure you can imagine the strain this situation can put on anyone. We are hoping that we will read or hear some stories of successful recoveries to keep our spirts high. I see that your daughter suffered from encephalitis over a year ago now and I am sincerly hoping she has made a vast improvement. Our girls have been struck by this dreadful infection way to early in their lives and I can only hope that there age is what will help them recover soon.
Please anyone that can help with keeping us strong and positive, please comment. I am sure as sufferers of this wicked sickness you know how alone it can feel.
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as a child I developed Viral Encephalitis with105.9 fever due to the german measles in coma for two weeks I have no memories of my life before I got sick but I am 54 and duing great, raw food No meat dairy  sodas and garbage helpme I do have hypothyroidism but take armour with no side effects, I wonder if Iwill have health issues as I grow older but folks I am an artist hold down a 40 hour aweek job and wait and wee it will be okay but I repeat raw juiced foods, fiber and smmothies for fruit is how it happens NO SUGAR< NO MEAT, NO DAIRY get it
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