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memory loss

Hi I am 35 year old non drug using male, who also drinks very little. Last year i had a bout of  itch hands which was followed by mental confussion and lines appearing wavey rather than stright. Was Hospitalized and had ct and mri done, plus all the usual blood tests. Found nothing after 6 weeks everything went back to normal, except my eyes which have 20/20 vision but i see white noise in the dark ceiling at night. Also the light from the road at the top of the blind is all gell like,And not sharp at all.

Now nearly a year to the day, mylifes up side down.Have hissing in my ears,see stars and black specs in the sky or when i look at blank walls which also appear to have a layer of jelly over them.stright lines, light posts ect. have halos around them. some of the stars will be come really bright and then disappear. Short term memory is terrible,can't add up or subtract correctly. if i look at the sun, will see multible big bolloons of colour coming up from the horizen. have just come out of  a private neurology clinic. Where all test and scans were clear, awaiting results of EEG. My sister has Behchets but doctors say that until they bioposy one of my mouth ulcers they won't treat me for same. Any ideas at this stage would be a life line. please help
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I seem to recall your symptoms add up to a particular disorder, but I do not recall what it is at the moment.  I'll look it up for you in a later post.  But I wanted to at least tell you that if anything is disrupting your sleep, or if you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals, or you are not staying well-hydrated, you can get your symptoms, so doublecheck all that stuff for now.  I'm out of time and will get back to you.
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I'm back, yesterday our computer server went down in our area, I was on long-distance.  The itching hands made me think of kidneys, looked thru my book and found, if it's not what your sister has, it's possible you have some form of diabetes.  I know you've had blood tests, but that was what I wanted to tell you yesterday.  Until they test you for your sister's disease, some general "bandaids" are to get some plain saline drops for your eyes, exercise so you will rest well, and eat lots of Vitamin A and C foods, helps mucous membranes, and so does plenty of water.  I assume you've talked to your sister, you can look up online what herbs are good for her disease and try those in a tea, perhaps, too.
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