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mini stroke?

hi  I'm in a bit of a state. this is saturday and on tuesday i was in bed with my lab top. i was feeling a bit strange when suddenly my hand and arm went nimb. at the same time mt boyfriend walked in and i felt wierd as i looked at him. i said my arm is numb and as i got out of bed my face also went numb. side of my nose and cheek and lip. i said to him clearly "god my face is numb" and then i panicked a bit and had to lire down. hee immediately took me to emergancy where they took a million blood tests heart tests and a ct scan. nothing came up. i flew through all the tests. and they said it was not tia and no need for mri. i have low blood pressure and wonder was it low flow tia. my neck has been hurting me a lot recently too i wonder would that have anything to do with it. i'm very healthy no drink or smoke 46 years old. no history of ms or early stroke in family. i'm baffled and i just went home without asprin or any other drug. i would like an mri and wonder if that would show anything. are ct scans any use at all and if it was mini stroke would it not have shown something. thanks for your help

very baffled
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In many hospitals a CT scan may be available on weekends while an MRI may not, so they probably did the best they could. An MRI is less hazardous and more accurate. Yes, you need an MRI. The fact that your neck has been hurting bothers me. It suggests carotid involvement. You certainly need an ultrasound. You have a project tomorrow other than going to work.
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Something similar happened to me last Saturday afternoon...All I can say is I felt WEIRD and couldnt think quite right.  I had no numbness, weakness, etc. and if I really thought I could come up with the right answer.  Checked my BP and it was REALLY high for me averaging 170/110.  I am hypertensive by am very well controlled averaging 110/60.  I did take my meds that day, took no other type of medication, no ETOH, etc.
By the time I got to the ER (after about 4hours) my BP was down to 140/90 (still quite high for me).  Cat Scan done...no acute findings.  ER was not very concerned.  Went to a neurologist on Monday and had a carotid ultrasound that day.  The tech did say I had irregular flow velocity but everything else clear.  Had an MRI with and without contrast on Wednesday and everything normal.  The ultrasound report said nothing about the  irregular flow...the neurologist didnt know what to think.  Did the confused feeling come first causing the elevated BP, or did the BP come first.  Again didnt seem very concerned.  Will see my PC tomorrow.  She is young and pretty sharp.  She wanted to see me when the ER sent her my stuff.  We'll see what she has to say.  Cant find much on the internet about irregular flow velocity (at least that I can understand).  So I am hoping not a TIA.  BP has been great/low since then so WHAT happened.  Kind of scary.  As bad as it is it is still frustrating not to have a diagnosis...just take aspirin.
Good luck to you.
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I am sorry you are going through this.  It must be frustrating.  Sudden numbness and weakness on one side generally indicates some sort of stroke.  Usually though you get very dizzy or light headed.  BUT you had a CT scan which normally will show this.  Maybe you can see your PCP and request an MRI.
I hope everything works out for you.
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