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My dad is having problems with memory loss.  He was going to work on Friday, delievering for his job.  He has been to these stops many times and Friday he got lost going to one of his stops for work.  He said he just forgot where he was going and got lost.  He says his can drive but gets confused.  Today he was in Wal-Mart and got lost from my mom and got very stressed out.  He is going to the doctor Monday but I was tring to get some ideas for my mom to ask the doctor.  He also has diabetes so bloodsugar is another issue.  I was hoping you good people could give me some ideas. Thanks!
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My dad had  diabeties (low sugar)  then developed alzhiemers from what we know about 5 yrs  ago.  He is 64.  He is in middle stage.  He starts fussing and trying to hit me and I am the one that doe s the most for him until he got in my face and called me a b**** and tried  to hit me.  The age doesnt matter.  The earliest one has been diagnosed with alzheimers is 21 yrs old.  The brain begins to  die and they cant remember or think like  they once could.  Low  sugar can cause the ssystoms you described too.   I have researche alzheimers and the most one lives with it is 10 yrs.  Diabeties can be controlled with meds and eating right.   I am ssure it wont be long before he goes into assisted living or  nursing home..  My mom takes care of him too.  We ar both exhausted.  It takes a toll on your mind and bofy  as I work 40-48 hrs a wk and then  help him.  
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diabetes sometimes results in damage to the vessels in the brain which could cause memory deficits in the long run. alternatively, these could be early signs of alzheimer's disease. it also depends on your father's age.
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