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muculosketal, post-cholecystectomy, pancreatitis.... what...?

Hi...I am 50 female and was very active til few years ago.  Had ERS visits for RUQ pain-found a doc who finally ordered a Hidascan - gallbladder barely functioning so it came out 2/03 - pathology showed quote "years of chronic inflammation and precancerous cell mutation."  helped a lot but went on to have bladder dialation 3/03 (IC) heart cath (chest/abdominal pain) 4/03 OK, total abdominal hysterectomy (massive fibroids) 5/03, rectosele/bowel repair 12/03. MRI, EEG, UPR endoscopy, colonoscopy, x-rays, tons blood work 7-8/03 for more pain, weight loss, left face numbness, burning limbs, black out spells, headaches, slurring sometimes, brain fog... all ok cept several deep white matter brain lesions, abnormal eeg suggestive but not definitive for seizures (lot L-mporal chain thetha waves) MS specialist - spinal tap - no MS, rheumatologist x2 - ranging up/down ANA 1:160 to >1:2560 but ENA & all other tests for HEP, addison's, Celiac, liver/kidney/heart functions,etc - all ok, bone scan ok cept some ostearthritis. LATEST DIAGNOSIS - Fibromyalgia -still intense, excruciating RUQ/flank pain - has sent me to ER 3 times in 2 mos! - last time was seizing with eyes rolling back in head, & bad slurring (TIA ?).  Cat scans show only 2 cysts on liver/1 on R-kidney.  I FEEL I'M BEING SKEWERED AND SAWED IN HALF (right to left - front to back just right of belly button) WITH LARGE RAZOR BLADES. HELP! WHAT IS GOING ON? Had 2 kids at home- no pain killer at all - & I'd rather have them all over again!  I cannot eat, sleep, & barely function daily now - Help! PAIN 24/7   thanks for time...
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Your case is very complex, and without seeing you and reviewing your tests, I cannot provide much help or advice. What I can recommend is that you have an evaluation at a large academic medical center with a neurologist to start. You should obtain, and bring all your prior tests. They can review this, and then make the appropriate recommendations. Good luck.
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PS - blood work from each ER visit showed mildy to moderately elevated amylase, creatanine, chloride, neutrophils, esonophils, lymphocytes and platelets - trace blood & white cells in urine (IVP normal).  And hypochromic anemia - but B12 & all other normal causes of chronic anemia ruled out. Sed rate varies from nornal to high. BP low. Normal EKG's.  Mildly elevated microsomal antibodies. ANA recently went down from 1:2560 to 1:160.   I am taking 2 muscle relaxers and 2 300mg ea. Neurontin for pain... but as said.... still lot of pain... nausea, & now weight loss.  Rheumy said not lupus cause even tho I have symptoms [overwhelming fatigue, oral ulcers, malar blush (not rash), EEG abnormalities, brain lesions-blurred vision, photosensitivity], polyarthralgia, very dry eyes & mouth {lip biopsy normal),  tests other than ANA normal.  I do have lot of Fibro deep joint pain (normal RF) now, but it is the constant gnawing & often intense flank/gut pain that is worst..

Thanks again..Linda
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