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neck pain, pressure in back of head and ears

I have been experiencing pressure in the back of my head and over my eyes with vision and dizziness issues with a stiff neck. Feels as if i cant pop my ears when yawning. Also have been experiencing soreness in arm muscles like i have overworked and am sore. I have been to ENT and he said it was not sinus issues, he thinks it is the gestational tube and perscribed Nasalcort and its been a month now and feel as if its getting worse. I also have had this chronic pain in my stomach area for the last 4 years and have had a complete workup and galbladder removal surgery and with no relief. Am currently seeing Dr at UNC in Chapel Hill with no relief. It is a sharp pain right where the center of the ribcage ends. UNC Dr stated he may think its muscle-skelatel? I am waiting for them to scrdule x-rays for this. In short i am sick of feeling bad and seems there are no Dr's that want to help anymore. ANy help or similar symptoms that have been cured please respond! Thank you very much.
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With problems in vision, headache and dizziness, you should visit an ophthalmologist. Defective vision can cause headache and in some cases, dizziness.Soreness in arm muscles can be caused by myopathies caused by diabetes, thyroid disorders, parathyroid disorders, drugs or toxins. Please consult a neurologist.

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I had the same problem for over two months and I hope my experience can help you.For two months I experience severe pressure in my ears, my entire head, dizziness, pain and weakness in muscles in legs, and nausea. In two weeks I saw SEVEN doctors (none of which knew what they were doing). I had a MRI of my head done, a CAT Scan of my sinuses, visited an ENT doctor and a neurologist. The neurologist diagnosed me with a migraine and prescribed me topamax. This did not help at all. In the meantime I was taking medication for dizziness, pain, headache, and nausea.
I ended up talking to one of my friends who is a Physio Therapist. She touched my neck and said it didn't seem right and was too stiff. She asked me if I had an accident or if I fell where my head would go back and forth. I had such a fall 6 months previously and I never believed there could be a connection.
She told me that my "mother dura" could have been effected. She recommended me to see an osteopath doctor. I created an appointment on September 8th she worked on me for two hours and and I IMMEDIATELY was feeling better (I stopped taking all the medication). The osteopath doctor told me that my "mother dura" was indeed effected and that it was a combination of old and new injuries. I have to visit a few more times but the osteopath doctor helped me a great deal and I truly hope that my post will help you and others.
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