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neck/shoulder pain

hi all, i'm hoping someone can help me.

back in december 2009, i developed all of a sudden severe pain in my wrist and hands mostly affecting the ulnar nerve and small finger of hand. it got so bad i had to wrap a towel around my elbow at night to keep me from bending it. since then the pain has remained with a sharp pain around my shoulder blade/neck area coupled with pins and needles in my wrist and fingers. my gp back in december referred me to a physio which is not proving fruitful as i believe it to be neurological - does anyone have similar symptoms or can tell me who is best to go to for treatment?

thank you in advance?

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Did you get EMG studies?
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no, nothing. i've not heard of that. my gp diagnosed me with wrist tendonitis and simply referred me to a gp who has been doing physio with me and has suggested its relatated to my posture.

do you think I have nerve damage
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

Most likely, your symptoms may be due to Cervical spondylosis or due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of injury/prolapse where contact between the edges of the vertebrae can cause neck pain. In few people, this pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head, shoulders, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness), stiffness can be intermittent. It will be best that you consult a neurologist who would like to prescribe Pain killers, steroid and muscle relaxants. Other treatments could be cervical orthosis such as a soft cervical collar/stiffer neck brace to restrict neck movement. In addition, cervical traction may also be suggested by the doctor, if condition is severe. Hope this helps.

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You may certainly have wrist tendonitis, but why the neck and shoulder pain. The pain and numbness you are having could be from your neck and an EMG would assist with that answer. It is a nerve conduction study. You also need an xray and MRI of your neck to rule out that as a cause for your numbness. I would see a neurologist.
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