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need feedback on this.

on MRI reading, what is "discogenic related changes along the C5-6 level?  And "unremarkable appearance of the thoracic cord" ?  What causes "chronic myofascial, musculoskeletal pain symdrome" ?  Neurologist said nothing on MRI could explain any specific neurologic problem. She order me to be evaluated with EMG/NC studies of my upper extremities and left leg. The symtoms that I'm havin could be anything. Which makes me nervous. I have - stiff and tender dull pain in cervical midline. burning and tender andpain around both shoulders blades. Tender and sore muscles between neck and shoulders. Tenderness and stabbing pain in both shoulders [ like in core ]. tenderness and painfull to touch at back of both elbows. inside of both forearms, to center of both wrists[ which is painfull when twisted. sharp pain in center of both hands at times. numbness and weaknes in fingers. I get tired after the least amount of effort to do anything. My energy get zapped quickly.  Someone please enlighten me on the possibility of what could be wrong.
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I just return to forum, thanks for info. I am diagnose as Bipolar. I meet with counsel monthly, and with psych. Dr. every three months or as needed. My work related injury occured 12-20-07. Last worked 01-16-08. Presently on W/C. Not on any pain med. except for 10mg. of flexeril. I also take 100mg. each of seriquil & zoloft. 500mg. metformin. 150mg. avipro. 300mg. neurotin. and 81mg. low dosage asperin. I've only been on the flexil for only 4weeks now. What ever it is that I have, it has changed my lifestyle drasticly. Thanks again for the information.
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Hi there.

Chronic myofascial musculoskeletal pain syndrome is a constellation of pain symptoms rather than an actual diagnosis itself.  This condition is given to someone who has pain symptoms after all exhaustive tests are done and eventually came out negative or inconclusive.  Treatment for this condition are pain relievers, counseling, and some form of anti-depressant therapy (since anxiety and stress can really contribute to the pain symptoms).  I also suggest that you discuss with your doctor regarding the possibility of being worked up for rheumatoid arthritis or other connective tissue diseases, just to rule out these conditions.

I hope you can be rid of all this pain soon.  Regards and God bless.
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