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nerve pain + tremors in arms and legs + fatigue + clumsiness

Over two and a half years ago I started with pain in my lower back after changing my bed and job with no improvement I visited my GP. I received a referral from my GP to go to the muscular-skeletal clinic (MSK), who did an MRI and X-rayed my lower back and could find nothing wrong. I went back to my GP who said I would just have to live with it.

About a year ago the pain started getting worse and spread. The pain went down the side of my right leg, and was like a burning sensation. I went back to the GP who said it was sciatica and would go away. The pain continued to spread and is now in both legs to my knees, up the side of my ribs and up my back to my neck.

I have also developed tremors in my arms and legs which is worse if I am doing something, tired or stressed. I am dropping things a lot and get really frustrated with my inability to do things when the tremors are at their worst.

I am tired constantly and it feels like walking through fog. I can sleep for 10 hours and wake up tired.

In the mornings I have what feels like pressure behind my eyes and I struggle to focus. This tends to go away after a while.

Also, not sure if it is relevant but I ended up in hospital a few years ago with a permanent headache (several months) and a tremor in my left arm, which I was told was occipital neuralgia. After having two injections to the base of my skull I haven't had any problems since but the consultant couldn't find any explanation as to why this had happened.

My GP has recently referred me to a neurologist (which has just been pushed back another month) and has put me on amytriptoline (10mg) which has helped a lot with the pain. What on earth is going on with me? please help
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Did they scan your neck at all? Arm weakness may suggest the problem is there
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No. Just my lower back
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Might be worth asking
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