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nerve pain

My mom is diabetic and she has severe pain , and it looks like its anerve pain , in the ruq , US was negative m, MRI was negative . What is the best diagnostic method and treatment . We are in Houston -Tx

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You did not state were your mom is experiencing her severe pain. I'm not a Doc. but to me it  in deed sounds like a nerve pain called  diabetic neuropathy!
Diabetic neuropathy affects  all nerves therefor it can also affect all organs. The blood flow is restricted do to the vessels which supplies the nerves. This is a very common illness that Diabetics can suffer from.
Depending on how long your mom had Diabetes, that is how the treatment will be determent, which only a Dr. can do.
I have read of Acupuncture, Vitamin B-12 shots, to SSRI,s like Cymbalta bringing relieve.

Did your mom's Doc not determent were her pain is coming from?
I hope this helps a little, but the best help for your mom is a Docs diagnosis and treatment suggestion.
Good luck!!!
Let me know how it goes!!!
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Thank you for your question. These symptoms could be due the parasthesia (numbness or tingling) that develops during diabetic neuropathy. This neuropathy appears as a tingling sensation on skins and appears after long standing diabetes. Another possibility could be any pinched nerve, but this possibility remains low as her MRI reports are normal. Controlling the diabetes will be mainstay of stopping the aggravation of symptoms. If she suffers continuous tingling sensation or other symptoms, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the possibilities here and can provide her an appropriate treatment. Hope this information proves helpful to you.
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Hello I am 31 had lipo sculpture with a fat transfer. When i woke up from surgery i was completly numb from the waist down. 48 hours later my right leg had movement its been 6 months in and out of the hospital and still only have 40% mobility on my left leg.
I have a lot of pain from my lower back to my foot. I have seen over 20 doctors. They only tell me i have damaged nerves my leg get numb and at times get they shocking pain. If i walk to much my ankle starts to hurt and I can not have anything tight on my legs. I am not on any medications at the time is there something I can do to calm the pain down and how log does it take for nerves to be cured and is it something that can be cured?
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