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nervous twitches

for the past 13 years i have had a nervous shoulder twitch.
is there any advice you can give me as a way to get rid of it
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Your shoulder twitch could be a tic. A tic is an involuntary movement which can not be controlled for a long time.

Is it the kind I have describes, or do you only see a visible muscle twitch ? Does your twitch increase when you are anxious ?

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yes I think that is what it could be,it gets worse when i am nervous anxious.what can i do to get rid of it forever.I thought about going to a muskuloskeletal therapist or try hypnotherapy.do you have any suggestions and is there a cure for it that will make it go away forever as i have no selfconfidence because of it
Thanks yakkatyyak
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Well, this looks like a Tic disorder. Also called as Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. This is an inherited disorder. It usually starts in the childhood (13 years, as in your case).

There are some medications available for it. You should consult a Neurologist for this. The Neurologist will be able to examine you and assess if the condition needs medication. Other helpful modes of treatment are psychological and behavioral therapies.

Most importantly, you should learn to handle this and move ahead. You should not let your self esteem and confidence get affected.

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