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I'm  a 22 year old non smonking woman, who somehow got i guess some type of a smaller stroke it started with a very sharp pain in my left ear i though nothing of it because i though i had somehow got a ear infecton later through the day i started to get a very painful headach twenty minutes later i started to stuter so bad that i couldn't even say a word at all, i was taken to the ER the doctors did MRI's but nothing show up at later on my last day in the hospital the doctors decided to do an EEG and this when started to go down hill after i was done brething hard for 3 minutes i couldn't move half of my body then i had to close my eyes and started to put a light over my eyes (part of the test) and i started screaming for no reason when the test was finally done had a temporarly loss of memory, the doctors though i was just being dramatic and just trying to get attention, but i knew i wasn't, somehow i still get headaches and i stuter once in a while i already did some searching as to what i may have but so far nothing any suggestions?
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Hi there. You have severe headaches, stuttering and intolerance to bright light or photophobia. migraines need to be investigated since MRI and EEG came out inconsequential. You need to consult your neurologist for these symptoms. If other causes are ruled out, migraine should be checked by giving a trial of triptans. Best of luck and take care.
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As of now i'm seeing a Doctor and he gave me two types of prepcriptions one in the morning and one at night the morning one would be so i wouldn"t get headaches through the day, but sadly i still get them not as bad as before and the night one would be so i wouldn't wake up with a nasty and painful headache, i sometimes still wake up with a headache, but not as painful as it used to be i still stuter and i'm very sensitive to the light i have to be wearing very dark sunglasses somehow i started to notice that my left arm would jerk a lot for a few seconds or my eyes would start blinking alot for a minute or so do you think it might some type of epileptic seizure?
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