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I'm 31 years old, male, 6
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Some of the symptoms may represent a kind of post-viral syndrome. It should be somewhat reassuring that the extensive neurologic testing has come back as normal so far, making the possibility of serious neurological diseases requiring urgent attention unlikely.  At this point, consider a wait-and-see approach for the next month or so and if things don't get better (and certainly if they get worse) consider getting in touch with your doctor again.  Go ahead and try exercising again, but use common sense and stop if you get worn out.  Best of luck.
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Young man, have you been tested for MS?  I know you had an MRI, but I was wondering if maybe they missed the lesions.  My daughter has MS and was diagnosed at 17.  She had the same kinds of things you are talking about.  Just a thought. Good luck.
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Hi, my name is Brenda and I have had neuropathy for about 10 years and it's very painful. Can anyone suggest something to relieve the pain because I have had many sleepless nights and it's getting harder and harder to put up with this pain. I am diabetic and I'm getting an MRI done asap to see if I have gout or osteomylitis. I've had a lump on the bottom of my right foot and it just keeps getting bigger it's very painful too! If anyone could suggest something to ease the pain it would be greatly appreciated!!! I take vicodin for the pain but it doesn't help much at all?
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I found out that Prilosec and Previcid will cause a vitamin B deficiency. I have developed the peripheral neuropathy but when I started mega dosing on b12(the sublingual kind) i am starting to get better.I was first diagnosed with Pakinson's. They ruled out ALS.  I was given Zoloft for depression because the doctors could not make a diagnosis. I started the B12 shots a week ago. What I want to know is will I return to normal if I continue to mega dose?
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you have symtoms very much like my own and sereval others at my work place.  are you in in delaware by chance
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