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numb hand

Hi l had a cyst removed from my finger since then my right hand has felt slightly numb, l dont know if it has anything to do with the cyst removal , l am on medication for high blood pressure , what do you think could be causing it, could it be serious , should l get it checked
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I think if you had something done recently and are experiencing some numbness that it is plausible that a nerve may have been affected during the removal.  However, how was the cyst removed?  Often those are drained and not 'dug' out.  What was the cyst and what type of doctor removed it? There is this to consider.  https://www.healthline.com/health/ulnar-nerve-dysfunction#treatment  I'd call the doctor that removed the cyst to ask if there could be an association.  Let us know what say.
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thanks, it was removed with a scalpel or knife by my local GP doctor, l had the choice of having it removed by a plastic surgeon but it was cheaper to have it removed by my local doctor which may have been a mistake, the cyst was just below my finger nail on my middle finger, since then l have a slight numbness on the left side of my right hand, also sometimes a slight tingling feeling , sort of the feeling you get if ants or insects are crawling on your hand, Do you think it will get better in time , do nerves repair or heal
will the numbness be permanent or can it get better, do or can nerves heal in time
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There are thousands to millions of nerves in our hands. It is very likely that the cyst removal is the culprit behind the slight numbness. Also, an injury to the neck and/or back can cause numbness and tingling in our hands. If you've had a recent injury yo either or both, I would see a neurosurgeon about it & your right hand. If not, mention it to the dr who removed the cyst. Most likely, you'll simply have to ignore the numbness, as I do with mine. Good luck!!
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do you think the doctor hit a nerve when removing the cyst
savvy79, you give great advice!  appreciate your thoughts.
It's very likely, especially if it was cut out.
What a lovely compliment. Thank you!
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