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numbness in hands, feet and tongue

  : I am a 25 yo female. For the last few months i've been experiencing tingling in my hands and feet. My hands i at first contributed to carpal tunnel, since i work on a computer all day. my feet tend to tingle mostly at night when i'm trying to go to sleep, but it happens occasionally during the day too. I've been to a doctor who thinks it's just poor circulation, but i'm not sure. i occasionally get tiny muscle spasms in my legs too. the latest is the tip of my tongue sometimes tingles. it comes and goes, but lately it's been happening more. what could cause my tingling?
  : thanks.
  additional symptoms: i get a heaviness in my arms, almost like their numb but i have feeling. this happens in the morning, if i wake up too early and am trying to go back to sleep. it's almost like there's a weight on my arms and i wouldn't be able to move them, but I am.
  also today, i've been experiencing a slight numb feeling in the left side of my face. please help me.
As neurologist we see a number of patients with these particular complaints. Patients are otherwise fine and in many of these cases the symptoms resolve out. In some cases the symptoms progress and more serious neurologic problems are encountered. In patients your age the concerns regarding MS always arise, and then if it is not MS then what. Sometimes it is easier telling patients what there problem is not versus what it is. The first step is a complete history and physical examination to look for changes documentable on physical examination. The doctor will then decise if a MRI scan is warrented or if you should proceed in a wait and watch mode. CAses like this can get frustrating for both the doctor and patient. Good luck
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