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numbness/itching sensation of scalp

For the past 20 days i experience a strange numbness of scalp (sides)due to which i feel itchy. I had a habit of cracking my neck bones which i completely gave up when my doctor told me that in the process i could damage a nerve to my brain. I now fear that the damage is already done. My doc says that this numb feeling is only because of lack of sleep and has put my on vitamins. Will this help? Kindly suggest.
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Bilsteral numbness of the scalp is unlikely to be due to damaged nerves in the neck. The skin on the sides of the scalp is supplied by nerves derived from the higher cervical nerves, but an 'itchy' sensation suggests that the problem may lie in the skin and not in the nerves that supply theskin. Muscle tension in this area may also be part of the problem. With 8 hours sleep a night, no alcohol or other medications, and reduced stress, you may find an improvement. Signs to be concerned about would be a sudden worsening of the headache, particularly on one side, eyelid or facial droop, or neck stiffness.

Good luck
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Hi, how old are you and have you had  anything like this before. How are your sleep habbits,diet and such? Have you changed shampoos,conditioners? God bless you
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Hi denise,

I'm 33 yrs old and i've experience this for the first time. I'm back from office by 8PM and spend about 3 hrs on TV and go to bed by 11.30PM. Off late i've not changed my shampoo/conditioner.
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    For the past year i've been experiencing numbness tingling and a burning sensation on th e right side of my head .... doctors tell me that i have spasms and gave me flexiril for it ... I don't understand it but i'm a 32 yr old mom and have had so many test done and they can't seem to figure it out... Does anyone have symptons like mine or similiar?....PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME........
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I'm also a 32 year old mom who recently developed this weird symptom, as well.  I'm inclined to think it's just a result of sleep deprivation, but it's an actual physical symptom, so that just causes anxiety worrying about what it could be.  Ugh!
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