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numbness of chin and lip after dental work

  : I went to the dentist for a routine filling in a lower left tooth. She began to numb the area and I felt what seemed like an electric shock to the tip of my tongue. She proceeded with the injection despite another "shock" and gave me a second injection as well. My whole left side of my face, including my ear, was numb for about 6 hours. My chin, lip and teeth on the left side are still numb 10 days later. An oral surgeon told me it was nerve damage that may or may not resolve itself and could take months to subside. I have been putting warm compresses on my chin and taking ibuprofen (Advil) 2 tabs, 3 times a day for the last 5 days. What can I do to hasten recovery, if anything, and what questions should I be asking my doctor? Thank you!
  I want to piggy back on this post also, doctor.  Why does this happen?  I am also a victim. Dentist did more to alleviate the pains and just made them worse. He did a root canal three times on the same tooth and each time I nearly died with the injections.  Would love to hear your comments also.  Are our nerves in the wrong place and therefore the injections hit the wrong place. Thank You.   Pat L.
This problem is due to damage to a branch of the trigeminal nerve which
supplies sensation to the face , mouth and teeth.
The nerve needs to be anesthetized to allow the dental procedure to go
ahead painlessly. In your case it sounds like the injection of local anesthetic
was into the nerve itself rather than into the tissues surrounding it.
The prognosis for recovery depends on the degree and type of damage to the nerve,
peripheral nerves do grow back for the first year and a half after damage
and the relatively short distance that this nerve needs to regrow to reach
its target,suggests that there is a good chance of success. This could take
several months and if full regeneration is required it is much too early
to anticipate recovery.
There is little you can do to speed this up, compresses hot or cold are
probably completely useless.
To get more information you might consider requesting your dentist to refer
you to a neurologist who specializes in EMG / peripheral nerve disorders
for further evakluation

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