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pain at base of skull

I also have a pain - only when I touch it that feels like a bruise. When I do push on it -it makes me a litle nausas. It is usually accompanied by what I beleive to be a sinus headach and the breath right strips with menhol help this some. The nexk worries me most because its at the base of my skull. I have had some vertabrea issues, and I have very tight muscles in the neck shoulder area, but never up into this high to the skull. I do have a lot of stress right now, but find it weird that it hurts to touch it with slight pressure. Its just worrisome. I have never had low headaches. I use to get migranes before I went through early menapause, but this is not like a migrane. Any suggestions on what it might be and with my insurance being so lame with high deductible I hate to run in and have them tell me it is stress and tight muscles which it could be. I sit at a computer screen quite a lot each day.

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I have a real sore area at the base of my skull but on the right side. I had it about 3 weeks ago & it went. Then this last 2 days it came back. Feels really tender like a bruise! Feels like i have been smacked. Have been doing quite a lot of stenuous work lately so wondering if it might be connected..ie straining or Repetative strain! Am right handed & did about 4hrs weeding the garden!
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Your symptoms of stress, tightness of muscles in the neck, shoulder area, and headaches suggest of tension headaches. The causes of Scalp tenderness are Migraine, Tension headaches, Cellulitis, Cervical myelopathy, Contact dermatitis, Malignancy, Scalp injury , Squamous cell carcinoma, Brain tumour and basal cell carcinoma. So scalp tenderness may also be associated with the tension headaches. Please go for an MRI of brain and spine to rule out other possibilities. Please consult a neurologist for the same. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!

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i have had a soreness at the base of the left side of skull....and when I touch that spot, it feelsl ike a bruise! Also, I can trace the pain down that side of my neck, too! HELP???
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What you describe, along with other symptoms and stress seems like tension headache. Pain killers relieve the pain to some extent. Destressing is important.

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