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pain for over a year and half in neck and left shoulder

I awoke dec 2008 with a horrible pain and pressure in the back of my skull and top of my head. Pain meds did not help so I went to a chrioprator. That alleviated that pain but then noticed it was on the left side of my neck and left shoulder. It is more painful on moving but as soo nas I put my feet to the floor the pain increases adn is intolerable. I have tried, cold and hot compresses. physio, acupuncture, tens machine. special seat for my car and home, posturepedic mattress and pillows. An MRI was done of my neck and it showed slight disk protusion and spurs at c4 and c5 .It also showed  that at c6 that it was impinging on the thecal sac. Some canal narrowing was also noted. I still have pain and stiffness in my neck but the most pain now is in my left shoulder and upper thoracic spine. There is no pain in my arm. I have been seen 3 times by the neurologist and administered botox which did not work. I travelled a 1000 miles to a pain clinic and marcaine was injected but only gave about 2 days of relief. I have been bugging the doctor to do a cat scan of my upper thoracic area but without any luck. They think its is coming from the neck and wont do the cat scan. The last two months or so there is a bad burning that comes from the spine out to underneath my arms. I am getting so depressed that this may be the new normal. I just wish they would cat scan to upper thoracic area so they would know for sure what this is. i have been on too many meds now that do not work. Does anyone have an answer for me. I just want my life back and I just want a proper diagnosis.
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When my serious neck pain started I had alot of upper left back spasms. It is commmon to have shoulder/upper back pain with neck issues. However, coincidentally I asked for a Thoracic MRI also and low and behold I have 2 herniated discs there with spinal cord compression also. I have been pain free in my upper back for 10 months now, but did have cervical spine surgery.YES,, YOU NEED TO DEMAND AN MRI OF YOUR THORACIC JUST TO RULE THAT OUT.My Dr. had no problem ordering it when I went to pick up prescription for the Cervical MRI.  
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