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partial seizures in children

  Please let me know which are the useful EEG characteristics to distinguish between the different origins of partial seizures in infants and children
I am not completely sure what you mean by the origons of partial seizures,
specifically  I am not sure whether you mean the part of the brain they arise from or
the underlying cause, I will try to answer both parts.
As regards the part of the brain that seizures arise from, this is characterized
on EEG by sharp waves generated in the relevant lobe of the brain, which
are picked up by the electrodes on the scalp overlying that area.
other activity seen in this situation may include rythymic slow waves.
The EEG usually does not give information as to the underlying cause of
a focal seizure disorder since most seizure  focuses show the same sharp
wave activity regardless of the background problem.
One disorder, benign focal epilepsy of childhood, has a characteristic
shape to the sharp waves which is relatively specific for the disorder
but this is an exception.

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