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periventricular white matter lesions in MRI at the age of 32

Hi, I am 32 year old, female, Indian by origin. I am facing head spinning  and  sometime my brain blacks out when I bend my head forward down. I had my MRI of head last week and it says "Multiple periventricular white matter lesions suspicious for demyelinating disease My doctor is believing that it can be multiple sclerosis. Though I dont have any symptoms of Multiple sclerosis except this dizziness and blacking out while bending forward.

Doctor suggested to go for neck MRI, Evoked potential (EP) tests and Spinal tab test.

I am very scared. I dont have diabetes, Eyesight is good, no Vertigo. Please guide what are the chances of MS.
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first I would say relax...... I have had white matter lesions for years...
I have seen the BEST drs ( PENN, Jefferson, Hopkins ) and NO ONE has provided a MS DX....they just don't know ( I have LOTS of spots they are NOT in classic MS location ) I have seen maybe 12 neuro's in a decade all say same thing can't make MS dx..... I was consumed for years with these damn spots ( oh and I get more spots over the years ) they do not enhance ..my spinal clear neck and spine mris clear too.... so much they don't know about the brain..... even if they are suspicious its MS as far as I'm concerned MS is a useless diagnosis ... your not going to start on meds that make you sick when you don't feel sick now ( I had top MS DR tell me after he told me I didn't have MS that the meds are pretty much a bad idea to take ) and my dr said even if we gave you the diagnosis of MS drugs would not be the right approach ..... again it depends on the person but
A- you may not get any answers and it maybe a watch and wait ( like for me going on 10 years )
B- they say we feel its MS but you still live your life and looked towards alternative medicine ( like me.... I feel diet / LDN low dose naltroxene/ piracetam / bone broth etc is keeping me stable ) NO MEDS

sometimes we want a diagnosis so bad and really what does a diagnosis even mean for me nothing I stopped going down that rabbit hole ....I realized no matter what words they said I was going to address this with my own research

you will be just fine ...... some people have one attack and then nothing for decades !
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.....also MS has SOOOO many symptoms ...so one person might experience bladder issue another numbness...not one size fits its a very broad scope that's why they say multiple.....I have no physical fatigue but mental fatigue .....drs tell me can't be MS without physical fatigue...I think that's nonsense....I have multiple things wrong with me....do I have book MS no....but im not normal ..... so what are you going to do ....( and I have done it all believe me Evoked Potentials./ taps/ OCT / EEg... seen best Drs at Wills Eye...every blood test known to mankind
lyme at Igenex etc etc.....honestly I think I have ME... not CFS/ME ME as a stand alone ....anyone ME prolific ??
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