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pins & needles, ocular migraines, night sweats?

Hi, I am a 44 yo female.  I have a diagnosis of Lyme disease along with a handful of co-infections.  I was in remission for a couple of years but was bit again last summer and have been experiencing all new symptoms this time around.  Most troubling, my hands (especially my right) periodically get all tingly.  It's quite painful, burning, and itchy.  Often accompanied with an intense tightening around my right shoulder blade.
I also intermittently experience what I think are ocular migraines.  They will happen for a few days then go away for long times, months, and then suddenly start happening again.  It starts with a flash spot in my eyes as if from a camera, then grows into what I can only describe as vibrating fractals, with sharp edges.  They can overtake my vision completely or sometimes cause tunnel vision.  They do not exactly hurt but my head is overly sensitive and I feel debilitated.  They last 20-30 minutes and then go away, but my head will feel buzzy and echoey for a long while afterward.
Sometimes I have a ringing sound inside my head. It's not in my ears, it's in the lower back of my head.  I feel disconnected from the people around me, as if I am dreaming or looking through a window.  The ringing often makes me dizzy and/or nauseous.  It will come and go, randomly, like the vision thing.
The pins and needles in my hands happen every single day though, multiple times a day.  Often my fingertips on both hands are numb and cold for hours after I wake up, even when it is not cold.
About 75% of nights, I experience intense night sweats, sometimes drenching myself from head to toe, drenching the sheets, my hair wet like I've been swimming and my hands raisin-like when I wake up.
I'm physically active, eat well, and slightly underweight. (5' 10", 130 lbs)
I've had my blood tested and am not peri-menopausal, my thyroid is normal.
I see an accupuncturist regularly which brings some relief to the tightening and tingling but nothing lasting or significant.
I take Wellbutrin for ADHD, because the stimulant ADHD drugs make me lose too much weight.
My regular dr sums everything up to the Lyme and keeps prescribing antibiotics.  He kind of shrugs off the symptoms as if they're just part of the deal and I just have to suck it up, basically.  I'm thinking I should see a different doctor perhaps, and not mention the Lyme?  I am concerned with the symptoms and would like to find some relief if at all possible.
Any insight, suggestions, advice?  What kind of doctor would I see?  Should I tell them about the Lyme or maybe just start from scratch?
Thank you, thank you!
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Hi there.  It sounds like your Lyme disease and coinfections are not being properly treated.  Are you seeing an LLMD for your Lyme and coinfections?  Or are you just seeing a regular primary care physician?  Lyme disease is very complex and the ONLY doctors who really know how to treat it correctly are LLMDs.

I had the same problem as you. My primary care tried treating my Lyme disease and I just kept getting worse! I finally went to see a great LLMD and she's gotten me better!

There is a really great Lyme disease forum right here on medhelp. You should check it out!
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Thank you, it's been a long haul.  I was seeing a LLMD specialist for awhile and stopped after going into remission.  I sometimes wonder if the symptoms are even Lyme related and not something entirely different.....
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what were you being treated with? did the LLMD address all your co infections and did you also focus heavily on detoxing? You need to detox during Lyme treatment it is absolutley VITAL . half the problem of getting rid of Lyme disease is getting rid of all the aweful toxins that lyme disease leaves behind when it dies. if you dont detox your body from it, you will NEVER get better

there is a great forum on here for Lyme Disease. i suggest you post there

heavy metal toxicity and toxin overload almost ALWAYS accompanies Lyme disease and co infections. you must address toxicity!
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