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please. My memory doesn't work, it never has.

Hello, I am 24, or 23,.. i can't remember. I am female, and having a bad memory makes my life misrable. it will take a while to explain, but i appreciate your patience, and your advice:

to start with I have always had memory problems, even as a child. I don't remember most of my childhood.
but i know i got lost around my tiny school, always forgot names and faces, forgot what i was doing. Every day i left behind a cardigan, or pencil case, or pencils, lunch box, P.E kit, coat, and my mum use-to wait at the gate and send me back in half a dozen times before i had (almost) everything... EVERY DAY.

and childhood at home it was similar, put something down, straight away forgot i even had it. all the time. forget what i was meant to be doing. normal for a child to forget sometime, but not like that.

my parents noticed, they were a little worried, but thought i was probably just very absent minded. the head mistress of my school even spoke to my parents about my memory, and that i still got lost at my tiny school, with less that 100 pupils.

being a teenager was difficult. more responsibilities, more to forget. always forgot my books, equipment, coat, people i had been in the same class with for 5 years i still couldn't remember the names of... and i still got lost.

My current life is similar. I forget to turn the lights out, leave my flat half a dozen times before i remember almost everything, i forget to eat, sometimes i even forget to sleep. i put something down, 10 second later it is missing. i get told something by a friend, a moment later they ask me about it and i don't remember. if a friend or family member ask me to do something i don't remember, i forget to turn the oven off, and the taps. i forget to go shopping. I forget to do the laundry. i even frequently forget my friends names, and i only have 4.

i finally went to my doctor last month about it, (i kept forgetting) and she refered me to specialists, who i am waiting for.
i am very very nervous. what do YOU think it could be please??

things to bare in mind;
doctor did all bloods test, and all came back fine.
heart test came back fine.
no family history of memory problems.
i am mentally capable.
my attention span is very very good.
i do and have always have great trouble remembering how to spell words.
my family and friends have very much noticed my memory.

one thing keeps weighing on my mind is that when i was born i had the umbilical cord around my neck, suffocating me. it nearly killed me. and my skin was tinted blue for a couple of weeks afterwards. could this have damaged my brain? i have no other troubles.

i really DO appreciate your sugestions to cause/solutions on my problem.

Many Thanks.

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