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please help

my daughter is 17 months and had her first sizure on 12/14. she was asleep taking a nap. when my husband went to get her out of bed she was unresponsive. shortly after she went into the seizure. the doctors hospitalized her and did testing. the test all came back fine and normal. she did not have a fever and so the doctors are confused as to what caused it. this is the first one she ever had.  the doctors are trying to tell us she has eplipsy but thier is no family history of it and orrigionally the drs stated that they couldnt diagnois it since it was her first one.  we are getting a second opinion. but for now can someone give me some ideas as to what caused it all of a sudden and what to do or even test to try to find out what happened. thanks in advanced.
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What types of testing did they do?
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My niece had one back in May. She was 14 months old. She was running a low grade temp. The all of a sudden she had a seizure. My b- in law had to give her CPR. The doctors said it was fever induced and that it is normal.  They had to bring her back 2x. So how normal is that.  She is now 21 months old and is just fine. No other symptoms.
Just wondering if she was sick at anytime. Maybe a fever that spiked during her sleep?
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I know this sounds strange but I was extremely alarmed to find out that the government passed a law in 2007 that all bed must contain pesticides.  These chemicals are just maybe ½ inch below the surface of the mattress.  I have always wondered what might happen to a child or elderly person that may be allergic to something like this.  I read several articles on this and it will absorb 24 times the legal toxins into someone’s body.  Type in Poison beds on the internet.  Like I said I could be way off basis but it’s something to be aware of.  Best of luck to you, I will say a prayer for her.
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Years ago when my brothers and I were still very little, my younger brother had gone into convulsions on more than one occasion.  I was really too little to know much of what was going on.  I heard the stories when I was growing up that he had had some really high fevers.  I don't remember what the fevers were about, but as we got older, he was just fine.  He was very healthy while we were growing up.  Healthier than I was.

I agree about the mattresses.  There is another source of information about mattresses that are available that aren't supposed to contain all these toxins.  Go to Care2.com, click on healthy living.  In the search bar type in mattresses and that should take you to the article I remember reading not all that long ago.  They were talking about things like organic cotton and other materials.  Eventually your little one won't be so little and will need a bigger mattress anyway, right?  The problem about pesticides doesn't surprise me one bit.  

And, another thing to consider is all the baby clothes, like pajamas, that are supposed to be sold with those flame retardant chemicals.  God only knows what all those chemicals do to our little ones.  If you can, you may wish to look for things made with organic materials as much as possible, especially while your daughter is still so small.  

Another thing to consider is that a person can develop epilepsy without having a family history of epilepsy.  My friend who has epilepsy came from a family in which no one else in the family has epilepsy and there is no family history of it in her family either.  Of course, she didn't develop epilepsy 'til she was a teenager either.

But, that's also why I mentioned my younger brother.  I know you're worried, and rightfully so.  What mother wouldn't be?  But, what ever this is may be something that little kids sometimes go through for what ever reason.  My brother was fine once he was older.  I just thought I should mention that, because I know you're really worried.
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