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post chiari surgery

My daughter had chiari malformation surgery over two years ago and is having pain in her neck muscles where the incision was made.  She also has headaches in that area.  She is 16 and is having a hard time resuming back to her normal life prior to surgery.  Any time she tries to be in a sport on a consistant basis her neck muscles bother her to the point of nausea, fatigue, and pain which leads to lack of sleep.  We were directed to physical therapy which she has done and a few excercises to do on daily basis to strengthen the muscle in her neck and lengthen it because cutting through those muscles shortened them and destroyed some. The physiatrist feels she tore some muscle there through heavy activity prior to physical therapy.  He feels she can strengthen whats not been destroyed through therapy and resume appropriate muscle mass in her neck.  Nothing over the counter works for pain. What are her options for pain and will she regain her old self through diligent therapy and excercises? Help!

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Hi...I am sorry to hear ur DD is still having issues after her PFD....I just had mine in May of this yr.

Does she also have a syrinx?....bcuz depending on where it is , mayb that is causing the issues.

We do have a chiari malformation and syringomyelia forum here on MedHelp......I invite u to join us.

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Hi Selma,  
     My daughters spine is in excellent shape.  This was quoted by the neurosurgeon who looked at her MRI prior to surgery. We had an MRI done last November and I sent a cd I purchased from the hospital, of the before and after surgery. The good news is the tonsil part of brain that protruded down below normal limits has went back up within normal limits.  They said that internally it looks just like it should after a chiari surgery.  So why the pain?  They said that we are neurology and we dont deal with muscle.  So now we are dealing with what the surgery did to her neck.  Cutting through those muscles created a new problem.  She had a really bad chiari. She experienced horrible headaches at 12 years old.  Its a muscle issue now.
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Hi Gem,

I am sorry to hear that, but am glad u joined the chiari forum.

Just having my surgery in May, I wonder about issues like this affecting me.....I also wonder if PT will help even tho ur DD already has a problem...children have a better time bouncing back from stuff like this.

I pray she will get better soon

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