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post endoscopic third ventriculostomy

hey guys, i underwent an etv approximately two weeks ago as treatment for a chiari malformation with the suspicion of raised intracranial pressure. i had been experiencing vision / memory issues, and was diagnosed with stage 1 pappilledema which led my doctors to believe the etv was the right procedure to get the pressure in my head back to normal.

i know i am only 2 weeks post op, but it seems like my condition isn't improving. i'm having headaches that generally last all day and it seems like my vision has gotten worse. i know i'm probably still recovering form the procedure, but have started wondering if/when i will improve. my vision is really the most important thing to me.. at the moment im having trouble focusing on things, which is definitely more noticeable in the daytime, which makes me think i'm also experiencing light sensitivity. it feels kind of like my eyes are slightly crossed all the time, and they feel tired / have to work hard to change focus distance from near to far or vice versa.

i've already told all my doctors / nurses who basically say its too early to tell at the moment what is going on. i've scheduled an appointment with my neuro-opthamologist in a month to reassess my condition after surgery.

just wondering if anyone here had any of the same experiences with recovery post etv, and could offer any wisdom or advice. thanks so much

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just an update to my last post. i'm now about 3 months post op and my vision is deteriorating quickly. i've had to get glasses, which help alittle bit, but don't solve what i'm experiencing. the headaches have also been relentless. anyone out there have any advice or similar experiences?

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wondering. How's your vision now. My husband had the same surgery. And now complaining so much about his vision. What was your outcome?
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Unfortunately, nothing has improved, it's gotten slightly easier as I have started to adjust to things, by it's definitely not something that is going to resolve on it's own.

What exactly are your husbands symptoms? Where and why was his surgery done?
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Hi there, I was wondering how your going now, my 16 year old daughter is 7 weeks post ETV with severe headaches, no one can help me
Hi, I am a 40 year old female who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in July 2016. I am 7 weeks post ETV Surgery and I am still dealing with daily headaches some that are really severe and debilitating. I just don't feel "right" and still get tired easily.  I have had a CT Scan and MRI recently and both came back "ok". Have you gotten any answers about your daughter's headache or have they improved since the post?
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