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postpartum neurological symptoms

What could be the name of the syndrome experienced
by many women who have posted here?
There must be a connection between giving birth and
neurological complaints that do not fit other
neurological diseases.
My daughter is three months postpartum with numbness
and weakness in her arms and legs, fatigue, and visual
disturbances.  Her MRI (done when the baby was 3 months) is perfectly normal.  
Her baby weighed 10 pounds at birth.  She had an epidural during her delivery. When the baby was 2 months old she had an IUD  inserted.  Four days after the IUD was put in the symptoms  appeared.
There has got to be some connection.  There have been almost
no studies of postpartum neurological syndromes.
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During the postpartum period women are prone to several neurologic disorders. Some include migraine, cerebral venous thrombosis, and stroke to name a few. Also, the stress of the postpartum period can cause unusual symptoms. If you have not seen a neurologist, it would be recommended. Abnormalities such as Vitamin B12 deficiency and central nervous system inflammation could also cause similar symptoms. If you have already seen a neurologist, then a second opinion would be reasonable.
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Hi, I began having neurological problems in Sept. `02, about 2 weeks having my daughter.I post on here often, also as Andrea`s_mommy. She was 9 pds 7 oz. I had an epidural and she was my first child. I had her vaginally. I have had tingling, numbness, and twitching along w/ intermittent eye pain, and one episode of visual disturbance. All my tests, including MRI`s have been normal up to this point. I still have some mild symptoms, and no diagnosis. I have met many other women w/ these problems, and many of them took the epidural. I have thought for some while now that it caused all of this. I am 23 from Southwest, VA. How old is your daughter?? Was this her 2st birth?
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thanks for answering
this is my daughter's second child
she had an epidural
she lives in france
i live in pitman, southern new jersey
near philadelphia
since she had a perfectly clean mri,
they keep telling her not to worry, but
she does
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I know what you are experiencing and yes, it is hard to sit back and watch this blatantly obvious disorder remove the joy one is supposed to feel postpartum.  It is real... and we know it is because we "see" them struggling.   We "hear" them complain... and try to explain to the professionals exactly what the symptoms are.  

I did a reply to Samije not long ago discussing this subject because I firmly believe that the epidural occupies the captain's chair.

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MethylB12 deficiency can cause post partum depression and psychosis.  1+ mg /day will usually correct the depression within a few days and in my non-postpartum depression of a LIFETIME, in 15 minutes.  A high potency Bcomplex, 2mg folic acid and a multivitamin and mineral as well as there can be other contributing nutritional factors.

A small group of 4 hypersensitives, sensitive to inter and intra day methylB12 changes find that not all brands are created equal.  We have found that Enzymatic Therapy Bioactive B12 worked immediately and maintained for 2 weeks or longer for all 4.  So far two testers have found that Jarrow methyl b12 works immediately.  One other brand worked immediately for 1 of 4 and none of 4 for 2 weeks.  Good luck with your daughter.  My mother suffered post partum depression that never went away and deepened into psychosis and spent a lot of years hospitalized.

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Thanks for the advice, but we arn`t psychotic. I`ve took every vitamin you can think of, including B-12, and had every blood test run, including toxicity tests, and they`re all normal. This is something physical. I was find till I took that stupid epidural! Thanks for trying to help though. Are you male or female?? If you`re male, then you`ve never had a baby, and wouldn`t understand....
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