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put this elsewhere on site but no replys :(

Today i've signed up to this website and i'm going to try and put down all the illnesses and symptoms i have in the hope that someone can help me figure out if i'm just permanently ill with different illnesses or if there's one overall problem that i have. I'm sick and tired of going back and forth to the doctors and hospital and everywhere, as i just seem to be pushed between people with no real answers, When they finally find something they do a couple of tests and then stop!
I've been having headaches for most of my life, migraines run in my family. My headaches started getting a lot worse 8 months ago, i started to feel sick and dizzy every day and there wasn't a day going by that i wasn't in pain from a headache. I've also had dizzy spells for many years, these were also getting worse at the same time. I'd gotten whiplash a month or so before, so they thought that this was the reason for my headaches. After about 3 months it was pretty obvious that this wasn't the case. Finally. in january i had an appointment with a neurologist who said that i had migraines. Fair enough, they prescribed me amityriptiline, which hasn't stopped the headaches, but its meant that i have migraines every couple of days, rather than having them daily.
I have dizzy spells far more often now, along with nausea daily and fainting spells. I used to black out when i was younger and was told by the doctors that it was because of stress. Now however, i'm not stressed i just seem to pass out all over the place, in the bath and when i'm on my own, its getting dangerous, but the doctors don't seem to realise that.
I went to hospital last week because i fell down the stairs, i tripped over the cat and got knocked out hitting the wall, they found i have a problem with blood clotting aswell, i don't know if this can be whats causing dizziness. They found nothing wrong and sent me home. My head hurt and i'd twisted my wrist. My problem is that since then both my arms ache in the elbow and wrist joint, even the arm i didn't land on when i fell. Its agonisingly painful and makes me cry when i move in the mornings. There's no bruises and it doesn't feel like a sprain, and if i'd broken or fractured bits in both my arms i think they would have noticed it when i was xrayed up at the hospital!
I also have problems with sleeping, i'm always tired but it comes to night time and i can't sleep.  My headaches hurt more in the mornings and nights, so its really hard to get to sleep.
I also get incredibly bad abdominal pain, its like im being sliced in 2. They told me last year in august that i might have a grumbling appendix but they never took it out, i was in the hospital 3 times in a couple of weeks for it, but when they kept me overnight it was fine in the morning so i was sent home. The pains have stayed. I've had an internal scan and they've found cysts on my ovaries, but i don't have polycystic ovary syndrome according to the tests by my doctors. They said this may be the reason for my stomach pain but it shouldn't be as bad as it is.
If anyone can help me with a diagnosis i would be so so grateful as i can't work currently because of all these problems. Its very frustrating and upsetting to not be able to do things that i should be able to do. I can't drink because it makes me sick and ill for a week afterwards, and so i'm not a typical teenager in that i don't go out to the pubs as it makes me upset not being able to be the person i used to be. I'm not saying that drinking is a good thing as such, but when your 18 and haven't been able to drink since your birthday it gets upsetting watching all your friends being able to. I think i'm developing an anxiety problem and possibly depression but my doctors don't seem to be doing anything about that and i can't afford private counsilling.
anyone who reads this and can help please do so
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All I can tell you is simple and obvious things.  

The dizziness and blacking out may have to do with either low blood pressure or demands on your blood supply from hormonal changes.  You need to have your BP checked and blood drawn to check your red blood cell count and also check for deficiencies in iron and B vitamins.  Your problem with blood clotting might fit into this, too.  It's also possible the pain in your abdomen, and with cysts on your ovaries and an appendix that was goofed up, might be an indication of an abscess, which they can look for infection in the bloodwork, too.  If you don't have a family doctor, you can go to a clinic and they can do labs for you.  It was blood work that revealed I had a problem with my thyroid, which it had put me out of work for months until they straightened it out.

As for why your headaches are worse, while you say the whiplash may not have done it, I think if you wrenched your neck and shoulder muscles all over the place, well, muscle tightness there can cause headaches.  And then you go and fall down the stairs, further wrenching them.  You could get a professional massage therapist to give you two or three rubdowns a week for a couple weeks, see if that helps.  I went to one of those, and the relief was so good for me.
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Thanks, the massage gives me relief thank god :)
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