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restoring damaged nerves

I broke my ankle in January, while out of town. It was an internal break of the outer bone and there was no puncture through the skin.

A young surgeon did the repair. When I awoke, I noticed that there was numbness on the bottom of my foot. No one seemed concerned. They were concerned that I could wiggle my toes and that the temperature was fine...all that was fine.

The surgeon visited in the morning and explained that the ligament on the inside ankle was torn and they "stapled it". At the time, I didn't know enough to even ask what that meant.

When at home, my local surgeon, an older generation guy said, "oh we never even try to repair the ligament...it's like trying to staple the ends of a paintbrush." We thought he might just be "old school" and the younger surgeon would be up on the latest stuff.

I have never had even the slightest issue with the broken bone. While in the casts, I had a lot of problems with blisters over the incision point for the ligament and the return to effective use of the ligament has been slow but I would guess is now at about 75 -80% capacity of the unbroken state.

While at physio, I saw a model of a foot and we looked in a textbook for the nerves. The physio person said that possibly the ligament tore off the bone, rather than within the span. Neither the local surgeon nor the physio person could confirm that from the surgery notes. Also, the physiotherapist was trying to guess where and how the numbness was occuring and how best to improve the sensation. The numbness would seem to be related to the ligament repair activity. Was there ligament scarring riding on the nerve? Was the nerve nicked during surgery, as was guessd by my G.P.?

Regardless, I had a nerve test done and there is no conductivity(?) in the affected foot. Now I am awaiting a consultation with someone, I think a plastic surgeon, to see if the nerve can be restored.

1) after almost 7 months, can the nerve be restored?
2) what are the risks of that surgery making matters worse?
3) if the surgery is possible and is done, how long would it take to have even some sensation back?
4) how long would it take for the nerve to be "healed"? (presuming there would have to be some time for the connective materials to be secured)

Any help you can offer will be appreciated, Thanks

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